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Hold On!

I just returned from watching Mockingjay Part 1 with my children. In a crucial scene maybe half or two thirds of the way through the story Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen is asked by a companion to sing song.  She honors the request and sings what can only be described as a folk song.  The song is […]

Todd on Halloween wearing the Rick Grimes costume that he made himself.

Stop the War on Black Friday!

Todd is worried about the war on Black Friday. It is his favorite holiday. He looks forward to it all year round. Todd, my oldest child, is 14-years-old and a freshman in high school. You might think that Christmas would be his favorite holiday. However, Todd knows that Santa Claus is not the source of […]


John Rawls on Losing Faith During War.

While it is often said that there are “no atheists in foxholes,” the experience of war can be a destroyer of faith. The late philosopher John Rawls wrote that he was raised in a “conventionally religious” home. He finished his undergraduate studies and entered the military as a “believing orthodox Episcopalian Christian.” Yet, by June […]

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“Are We Not All Beggars?”

Sharing a lesson on this tomorrow at church: Here is the full talk: Are We Not All Beggars? BY ELDER JEFFREY R. HOLLAND Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles What a wonderful new element introduced into our general conference format. Bien hecho, Eduardo. In what would be the most startling moment of His early ministry, […]


Not “Illegals,” but Brothers and Sisters

Yuriy and Van lived in a much nicer neighborhood than we were used to. Most of the investigators we taught in the Little Saigon region of Orange County, California were poor immigrants who lived in either very humble homes or in apartments of varying conditions. Yuriy and Van lived in an upper middle class neighborhood […]


Joseph Smith and Polygamy on the PBS NewsHour

Kristine Haglund, the editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought and a friend of Approaching Justice, appeared on Tuesday night’s episode of the PBS NewsHour to discuss recent announcements and essays from the LDS Church about Joseph Smith and polygamy. Check it out: Transcript: GWEN IFILL: The Mormon Church has long faced questions about […]


Islam Needs Truth Tellers, Not Apologists

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, a well-known activist in the Islamic community, wrote an article for the Huffington post, Protecting Islam by Telling the Truth. In this article, he called upon the leaders of Islam from around the world to raise their voices and defend Islam from those who have corrupted its teachings. “It is time […]


John Rawls on Losing Faith During War.

While it is often said that there are “no atheists in foxholes,” the experience of war can be a destroyer of faith. The late philosopher John Rawls wrote that he was raised in a “conventionally religious” home. He finished his undergraduate studies and entered the military as a “believing orthodox Episcopalian Christian.” Yet, by June […]

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Imagine Dragons Rock Vegas to Support Local Schools (Including Mine!)

On Saturday night, the Imagine Dragons performed live on the Las Vegas Strip in a surprise street performance. Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the following: Saturday’s mini-concert at the edge of Bellagio’s Dancing Fountains was the kickoff of a partnership with R&R Partners, the agency of record for the Las Vegas Convention […]


New Teacher Journal: The First Days

Teaching is hard. This is not shocking news, but exactly how hard it is did not sink in until my first day as a middle school reading teacher. That was Monday. I am told that I am at a “rough school.” It is officially designated as a “turnaround school.” That means that it has been […]


Mr. Henrichsen or Mr. H.?

I have blogged as Chris H. and I have blogged at Chris Henrichsen. Next week, I start my new career at a middle school reading teacher. I will be blogging about my experiences and I will be asking you, my readers, for help. Today, I come to you with this dilemma: Should I go by […]

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A Liberal’s Dilemma: Post Election Edition

After the election results, I had some thoughts about politics, the state of our country and society, and some of the challenges ahead. A lot of my progressive Christian friends spoke of their faith that God is fully sovereign and that the moral arc of the universe does win out in the end. I admit, […]


Two Years Ago

It has been exactly two years since this happened: Of course, I lost. I loved the campaign. The months that  followed  the election were another story. Lyndee mentioned to me this past Tuesday (Election Night 2014), that I am now very jaded when it comes to politics. That is very true. This year was my […]

donkey 2

A Liberal’s Dilemma

As this election season comes to a close, I find myself caught in a dilemma. It’s one that has increased over the last number of years. And it centers on how we relate to political disagreements. My basic instinct is to believe that we all want the best for our country, we simply disagree on […]


Bill Nye on Myths about Global Poverty

Forget the debate about creationism. This: We can change the world. Will we?


The Call for Courage

I want you to think for a moment about what you would do if you had the power to put an end to a human trafficking ring. The answer seems obvious, right? A few weeks ago, a report was published that detailed a human tracking ring in Rotherham England. The report showed that from 1997 […]

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The Pew Research Center is reporting that support for gay marriage is steadily climbing, even in regions where it still does not receive majority approval. All regions have seen growing support for same-sex marriage over the past decade. For example, while 44% of people in the South now favor gay marriage, that number was just 25% […]


The financial website Wallethub conducted a study to find out which of the 50 states (And The District of Columbia) were the most happy and which were the least happy. I was not surprised when I read that Utah was at the top of the happy list. After all, Utah is always ranked number one […]


My immediate answer to the question would be that most of us are pretty okay. To suggest that we are only either good or evil implies that the vast majority of the lived human experience is invalid. Not every man or woman who lived did great or terrible things.


As of now most people are familiar with the post at Feminist Mormon Housewives in response to a post at Rational Faiths about two months back. We’re getting super meta here: A response to a post that was a response to a post. I was hesitant to even weigh in until two things happened: 1. […]


I’ve had Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass stuck in my head for weeks now. It is unbelievably catchy, and she does have a great voice.  And you just can’t deny a tune that *makes* you move with it. And I wanted to love it upon first discovering it because of the body positive message. […]

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Alice Sculpt Big

BOOK REVIEW: The Thieves of Summer

The Thieves of Summer by Linda Sillitoe and Cynthia Sillitoe Published by Signature Books, 2014 218 pages, Paper binding ISBN: 978-1-56085-227-8, Price: $21.95 On April 7, 2010, Linda Sillitoe, one of the great voices of Utah and Mormonism, passed on to the next world. Sillitoe was a poet, an author, a journalist, and a renowned […]


The Second Annual Summer Seminar on Mormon Theology : “Christ and Antichrist: Reading Jacob 7”

The Second Annual Summer Seminar on Mormon Theology “Christ and Antichrist: Reading Jacob 7” Union Theological Seminary, New York, New York June 8—June 20, 2015 Sponsored by the Mormon Theology Seminar in partnership with The Laura F. Willes Center for Book of Mormon Studies and The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship In the […]


Building Rameumptons: Mormons and Pride

An acquaintance of mine recently shared the following nightmare: “I had gone to the stake centre because I was supposed to teach the youth a folk dance at their leadership conference. But when I got there I couldn’t find anything to do with the church. The chapel was a movie theatre, the gym a hockey […]


How Much Must We Account for the Complexity of Religious Pluralism in Political Philosophy? #rawlsreligion

In the works of Rawls, religion, as a concept is largely conceptualized as mainstream Western religion. This includes both Protestant and Catholic strands of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In particular, I think that Rawls primarily has mainline Protestantism, the faith of his youth, in mind when he thinks of people of faith accepting an overlapping […]


10 Questions About Spiritual Abuse: Mormon Edition

David Hayward at nakedpastor.com wrote a short blog post a few weeks ago that hit home. I have read several things Hayward has written. He provides a wonderful religious perspective on a host of issues, and I think we could all learn something from him, regardless of our spirituality or religious affiliation. As a member […]



This Saturday night, Austin City Limits will be broadcasting an encore episode of the Nine Inch Nails performance from last Spring. Nine Inch Nails “Came Back Haunted” from Austin City Limits on Vimeo. From Austin City Limits: “We’ve waited a long time to do anything like this,” says Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor from the […]


Some Light-Hearted Philosophical Quandaries for Mormons

I think about a lot of weird things. When I was younger, I actually kept a list, which I kept adding to, of different “theories.” They were not conspiracy theories but simple questions regarding things real and fictional. Sadly, I cannot remember most of them; although, I do remember that at least one of them […]


Yes, There Will Be an Anti-Gay Marriage Talk at General Conference.

There will be a gay marriage talk at this weekends General Conference. Of course, it will be an anti-gay marriage talk. I am not sure by who. I am not sure when said talk will be delivered. But there will be one. Back in February, I wrote about how gay marriage is for Mormons a […]


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