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Is ISIS Really Islamic?

As a Christian pastor I’ve made it a practice to not weigh in on the disputes that overtake other religions and social movements that I am not a part of. I think there’s a difference when seeing things from the inside versus an outsider’s comments. But I’m going against that course of action because it […]


If You Watch One Thing on Constitution Day, It Should Be This!

What is Constitution of the United States all about? It is about how to make laws. Really, that is it. It is rules about how laws are made and who has the power to make what laws. Anyone that adds anything to that is selling you something. DO NOT BUY IT. Many of you are […]

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Is Mankind Really All That Bad?

My immediate answer to the question would be that most of us are pretty okay. To suggest that we are only either good or evil implies that the vast majority of the lived human experience is invalid. Not every man or woman who lived did great or terrible things.


Why, Yes. I am a Liberal Mormon.

Joni Hilton over at Meridian Magazine asked this morning, “Are You a Liberal Mormon?” (NOTE: The original post by Hilton was removed. Here is the text.) Sister Hilton, it is very sweet of you to ask. Yes, I am a liberal Mormon. Some might not like the use of the term “liberal” since it largely has […]

Good or evil

Is Mankind Inherently Good or Evil?

Authors note: For clarification, the use of the word evil in this post refers to the inclination of mankind to be selfish, greedy, ungreatful and entitled to what others have.  I chose the word evil, because its one of the words used in the BOM to describe our nature.     The question of whether […]

“All Those Opposed by the same sign”

In what ever way you choose to observe or remember the lives that were lost and the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, I hope that while you are doing it you will pause to remember the other 9/11.  On September 11, 1857 members of the Mormon Militia from Cedar City, Utah and the […]


Modern Mormonism: A Kingdom Divided?

When one stake president takes a temple recommend from a member of the church for the same thing that another stake president finds no problem with, it begs the question, “Who is really in charge?” But it’s not just stake presidents; many bishops have gone one way or the other, too. For the last several […]


Two Cheers for Victoria Osteen

As a liberal protestant who pastors a small mainline church, it may seem odd for me to write a post defending a theological claim, made by Victoria Osteen, the wife of the famous and wealthy televangelist Joel Osteen. How much do we really have in common? Not just in terms of size and presence but […]


In defense of Rationality and (good) Faith

As of now most people are familiar with the post at Feminist Mormon Housewives in response to a post at Rational Faiths about two months back. We’re getting super meta here: A response to a post that was a response to a post. I was hesitant to even weigh in until two things happened: 1. […]

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78 Progressive Christian Answers to the 78 Questions

So the blogger Friendly Atheist has posted 78 tough questions for Christians. While they assume some evangelical if not fundamentalist beliefs, I thought it might be a helpful exercise to respond as a progressive Christian. Maybe they can open up some conversations about different approaches to faith. Is Anne Frank burning in hell? No How […]


I’m All About That Bass, But if You’re Not That’s Okay Too

I’ve had Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass stuck in my head for weeks now. It is unbelievably catchy, and she does have a great voice.  And you just can’t deny a tune that *makes* you move with it. And I wanted to love it upon first discovering it because of the body positive message. […]


Religion on Broadway Part II: Repression

Author’s note: This is a continuation of my review of The Book of Mormon musical. You can find the first post here: Religion on Broadway Part I: Arrival   Turn It Off perfectly highlights a common problem among Mormons. We have a lot of trouble with just accepting that people have problems and need to […]


New Teacher Journal: The First Days

Teaching is hard. This is not shocking news, but exactly how hard it is did not sink in until my first day as a middle school reading teacher. That was Monday. I am told that I am at a “rough school.” It is officially designated as a “turnaround school.” That means that it has been […]

Operation Enduring Freedom

Is America Evil?

(In response to a previous post addressing the question of whether it is productive to label ISIS and similar organizations “evil”, I have obtained through my connections a strikingly similar post written by a young jihadist from an undisclosed location near Iraq.) Brothers, I wish to address and important issue today. There are those in the […]


Is ISIS Evil?

CNN published an article by James Dawes called “Is ISIS Evil.”  In a nutshell, Mr. Dawes believes that one of the worst things we can do is to label ISIS as evil.  His solution to the problem of terrorism is to understand the circumstances that led “normal men” to become “monsters.” He asserts that when […]


One Progressive Christian Take on the Trinity

Mark Sandlin, a Presbyterian pastor and blogger at The God Article, came out with a recent post questioning the trinity and the way it’s been used as a litmus test to determine who is out and who is in the church. It’s a sort of a “the emperor has no clothes” post in that it […]


A Sneak Peak At Next Presidential Election

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am a leading authority in modern political reporting, and as such it’s my duty to inform readers about the imminent presidential election, which is (as of this posting) a mere 814 days away. Accordingly I humbly present a comprehensive preview of frontrunners in the race to become the next […]

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The Media and Mobs

Anyone who values truth ought to be deeply troubled by the media’s coverage of the tragic incident in Ferguson, Missouri, where a Police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, a young African American. The media almost immediately began framing this story as it always does when race is involved, as a white versus black narrative. […]


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