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78 Progressive Christian Answers to the 78 Questions

So the blogger Friendly Atheist has posted 78 tough questions for Christians. While they assume some evangelical if not fundamentalist beliefs, I thought it might be a helpful exercise to respond as a progressive Christian. Maybe they can open up some conversations about different approaches to faith. Is Anne Frank burning in hell? No How […]


I’m All About That Bass, But if You’re Not That’s Okay Too

I’ve had Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass stuck in my head for weeks now. It is unbelievably catchy, and she does have a great voice.  And you just can’t deny a tune that *makes* you move with it. And I wanted to love it upon first discovering it because of the body positive message. […]

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Religion on Broadway Part II: Repression

Author’s note: This is a continuation of my review of The Book of Mormon musical. You can find the first post here: Religion on Broadway Part I: Arrival   Turn It Off perfectly highlights a common problem among Mormons. We have a lot of trouble with just accepting that people have problems and need to […]


New Teacher Journal: The First Days

Teaching is hard. This is not shocking news, but exactly how hard it is did not sink in until my first day as a middle school reading teacher. That was Monday. I am told that I am at a “rough school.” It is officially designated as a “turnaround school.” That means that it has been […]

Operation Enduring Freedom

Is America Evil?

(In response to a previous post addressing the question of whether it is productive to label ISIS and similar organizations “evil”, I have obtained through my connections a strikingly similar post written by a young jihadist from an undisclosed location near Iraq.) Brothers, I wish to address and important issue today. There are those in the […]


Is ISIS Evil?

CNN published an article by James Dawes called “Is ISIS Evil.”  In a nutshell, Mr. Dawes believes that one of the worst things we can do is to label ISIS as evil.  His solution to the problem of terrorism is to understand the circumstances that led “normal men” to become “monsters.” He asserts that when […]


One Progressive Christian Take on the Trinity

Mark Sandlin, a Presbyterian pastor and blogger at The God Article, came out with a recent post questioning the trinity and the way it’s been used as a litmus test to determine who is out and who is in the church. It’s a sort of a “the emperor has no clothes” post in that it […]


A Sneak Peak At Next Presidential Election

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am a leading authority in modern political reporting, and as such it’s my duty to inform readers about the imminent presidential election, which is (as of this posting) a mere 814 days away. Accordingly I humbly present a comprehensive preview of frontrunners in the race to become the next […]

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The Media and Mobs

Anyone who values truth ought to be deeply troubled by the media’s coverage of the tragic incident in Ferguson, Missouri, where a Police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, a young African American. The media almost immediately began framing this story as it always does when race is involved, as a white versus black narrative. […]


Religion on Broadway Part I: Arrival

For those of you who do not obsessively follow our Facebook presence, my husband Casey and I recently returned home from a week and a half long vacation on the East coast. We spent 6 days in New York City, so of course our first priority was seeing The Book of Mormon on Broadway.   […]


Mr. Henrichsen or Mr. H.?

I have blogged as Chris H. and I have blogged at Chris Henrichsen. Next week, I start my new career at a middle school reading teacher. I will be blogging about my experiences and I will be asking you, my readers, for help. Today, I come to you with this dilemma: Should I go by […]


Undocumented and Underage: The Crisis of Migrant Children (Video)

From VICE News: Between October 2013 and May 2014, authorities at the US-Mexico border began detaining underage migrants at an alarming, never-before-seen rate. During this period, thousands of underage migrants ended up in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention facilities along the border. Capacity at CBP detention facilities was overwhelmed by the influx of migrants, […]


Riots Made America #Ferguson

Riots are easy to dismiss. They are also easy to demonize. However, Robert Stephens II makes a case at Jacobin magazine for viewing riot as both meaningful and significant political acts. From Jacobin: Riots, like other forms of political action, can build solidarity. They can create strong feelings of common identity. The outrage in Ferguson quickly […]


Israel’s Commitment to Life

Thanks to the media, few people know that before the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) destroys a building or home in Gaza, the occupants are warned to leave. Although this is not an entirely new Practice, for example, NATO attempted to warn civilians of during the Kosovo conflict but their methods proved to be ineffective. What […]


Just War Theory and the Reality of War

#Gaza and navel hazing: @ethicistforhire on false simplifications of Just War Theory, and the role of philosophers http://t.co/4BbLpOJkGW — ABC Religion&Ethics (@ABCReligion) August 11, 2014   At ABC Religion and Ethics, philosopher Nolen Gertz has written a post titled “Gaza and Navel Gazing: Why Just War Theory is Making a Bad Situation Worse.” Gertz takes a critical […]


Obnoxious and Disliked (Updated)

Dialogue editor Kristine Haglund recently compared me to the John Adams character in the play 1776. She said that I am “obnoxious and disliked.” (Author’s Note: I have added the following paragraph for clarification) Kristine was poking fun of how much work I put into my rather disagreeable online persona.  We were at the Mormon Scholars in […]


Reminder: Blessed are the Peacemakers

Some of the comments on my last post frustrated me. How can so many people not get it? Despite my efforts to call for love, acceptance, and for people to tear down the culture of judgment that continues to infect our world, especially the Christian world, and more especially the Mormon world, several people used […]


The Power of Religious Descriptions

I’ve come across a number of essays that bear on the value of religious descriptions. I’m thinking of two in particular, one from an atheist and one from a progressive theist. The first is Greta Christina’s piece “Why You Can’t Reconcile God and Evolution”. I want to hone in on a quote and unpack it […]


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