Tank Man: Our unknown hero

Tiananmen Tank Man

It has been 20 years since the brave protestors at Tiananmen Square were crushed by the Chinese regime. They wanted democracy. Instead the one-party machine swept in with tanks. Not sure if there is much that I can say that will add to their heroism. The images are still so very haunting. For the most part we ignore it. These students are not part of our national interest. The cause of democracy will forever honor them.

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  1. Just one important point to make, the Tank Man was not a student, but a worker. It’s quite powerful as a regular Chinese worker, who has no interest in the revolutions the students wanted, and who also has no interest in the army cracking down on the students, stops the tanks and gets on top to talk to the soldiers in the tank. One of the best scenes ever.

  2. thanks for the timely reminder. i pray that one day the chinese people will know this history and the brave students and people that stood for truth in the face of death.

  3. Dan,

    I would probably contend the interest of the students and the worker were, and still are very much the same. But your point that this was a regular worker and not one of the student activists is an valuable one.

  4. I agree, Tank Man is one of my heroes. I posted about him a couple of years ago on my own blog.

    (and yes, while he certainly presented one of the most poignant and dramatic scenes of my life, all the rest of the students and workers who risked their lives to take a stand are also heroes. As is, as one commentor on my post pointed out, the tank driver who refused to simply mow him down)

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