Smashing Pumpkins meet the Old Testament

We had out lesson on Hosea last week and it sounds like a number of people had that lesson today.

Ardis shares her lecture notes with us on Keepa.

All this talk of Gomer and whoredoms reminded me of a Smashing Pumpkins that was released shortly after my mission.

So, will we always be His whore?


  1. That is my favorite music video of all time. Thanks for posting it.

  2. That for commenting…I think it may have scared a lot of people away.

  3. You didn’t really scare me away, Chris — it’s just that the music of you young’uns these days is incomprehensible to your elders and eldresses.

  4. The song came out in 1998. That is old. 🙂

    I wasn’t thinking of you by the way.

  5. Let me rephrase that: I wasn’t thinking that I had scared Ardis away, I just realized as I watched it that I likely scared some others away. Ardis is scared of nothing.

  6. I’ve never heard it before…

  7. I happen to be a fan of music videos, and this one is by far my favorite. I also see that you posted the un-edited version. In ’98, MTV declined to show the original video, opting to blur out the racy scene with the people in beds.

    I love that middle section where the camera pans across the set and shows the tracks in the middle. That part kills me, I love it. Apparently Billy had to fight to keep that in the video. The director thought it killed the illusion.

  8. I did not have MTV when the song was new. It was banned at Ricks.

    However, one of my roommates got the CD write away. It hit a chord with us because we had the tradition of referring to each other as whores.

    Thanks for some of the background. I would never show an edited version. Billy’s version must be true.

  9. I was also introduced to the Pumpkins at BYU-Idaho, though it was around 2002 when the name had been changed. There were some important locals there who opened my eyes to some great music.

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