Hi, I’m Brandon. I’m a Father. I’m a Husband. And I’m a Mormon…Democrat.

The Brandon Flowers “I’m a Mormon” video has been getting a lot of buzz and for good reason. It is pretty awesome.

Brandon and some of his bandmates also played at a rally in Fall 2010 for Senator Harry Reid and President Obama.

Here is “Read My Mind”:

and “Home Means Nevada”:

Like Brandon, I can say there is still a fire burning in there.

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  1. I love that this has created a buzz. I think it might be helpful for the less orthodox LDS. I remember growing up (not too long ago actually) when “peculiar people” seemed to be stressed more as Jello eating Disney fanatics, not so much this sort of peculiarity. I was personally told that skateboarding was near criminal and that I’d be doomed for my countercultural sports and music interests. I’m not calling Flowers wierd here, but I like that his experience has been highlighted. Why? “Because this River is Wild!” (sorry I couldn’t refrain myself) and that can be a beautiful thing.

  2. I am actually not a Killers fan (I do not dislike them…but they are just not my thing). I am more of a heavy music person. We often put out the image of the CEO as cool. Well…they are not cool. Brandon Flowers is cool.

    I also like how Flowers dissed the idea that someone like him had obviously moved passed Mormonism.

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