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  1. The latest train wreck confirms my opinion that M* should avoid talking politics. They look more ridiculous with every post. Or maybe its just my reading comprehension…

  2. My wife is a member of the Placer County Democratic Central Committee. I then absolutely know a Democrat who loves a Mormon. We could also say that in our home two Mormon Democrats love one another. Or we could state . . . . .

  3. Nothing made us stronger Democrats than serving in Mormon ward leadership. As an RS president and bishop, we spent so much time trying to find affordable healthcare for folks, arranging for pro bono care from members who are health care providers, paying for medication when urgent, encouraging people to get a job but realizing that their biggest barrier to successful employment was untreated chronic illness.

    We wondered what it would be like to serve in Canada, and have more time to minister the Gospel.

  4. Chris you should do a post on what happens when Romney (if it goes as expected) wins the nomination. I think a lot of people think that Democrats will prove to be much bigger critics of Mormons than the religious conservatives have been in the primaries. How will this make sense when the head of the Senate is Mormon. This came up briefly in the BCC podcast but I’m really intrigued by what you think on this subject.

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