State of The Union Open Thread #SOTU

I am embedding my twitter feed for the SOTU Address below. Feel free to respond to me there of in the comments. I will respond to comment here as well.



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  1. I am watching on PBS. How about you?


  3. An astute former student noted the absence of Scalia and Alito before PBS did.

  4. Fox New.

  5. Lucky.

  6. It’s working!

  7. Is the applause really necessary?

  8. “Partners in progress”; nice line.

  9. I’m loving the graphs which the White House is putting up to accompany the SOTU address on its YouTube channel.

  10. Who you love? Subtle…

  11. I am not getting much out of his medical care stuff.

  12. That applause for the Simpson-Bowles plan was the weakest I’ve ever heard.

  13. Ah, the magic word: “loopholes”!

  14. I think I like what he is saying about tax reform.

  15. I agree that the “greatest nation on earth” really just can’t just wobble from one manufactured crisis to another, but I suspect that the USA could.

  16. I like his attention to manufacturing, but not his ignoring the deficit.

  17. Why not an appeal to humanities funding. I need some, too!

  18. “Control our own energy future”? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  19. Global Warming! Election must be over…

  20. Is China really the example of all-in clean energy? The stories I hear of pollution in China are pretty bad.

  21. Lyndee and I bought solar desk lamps on Saturday. Pres. Obama is proud of me.

  22. I have seen all those what??

  23. Ah yes, those bipartisan market-based green energy sustainable job-creating planet-saving technologies! I think I put them over there in the closet, beside the unicorn.

  24. Isn’t giving home loans to people who are not a good risk part of what brought things down?

  25. I doubt his stats on pre-school. Come on man.

  26. Oh sure, let’s talk universally available pre-school instead of, oh, JOBS WITH FAMILY-SUPPORTING WAGES ATTACHED.

  27. Not bad on some of the immigration stuff.

  28. Another college score card? Please.

  29. I am afraid of global labor competition with an even higher minimum wage.

  30. The collapse of responsible fatherhood, and its devastating economic consequences, amongst the lower middle- and lower-class deserves more moral authority–and more socio-economic assistance–than a couple of sentences. Still, at least he put it in.

  31. Global justice!

  32. So we are going to be the world’s policeman and caregiver?

  33. He’s going to make sure his “targeting” of suspected terrorists will be even more “transparent.” Nice elision there, Mr. War Powers Act Abuser.

  34. Hey, that was almost an embrace of the Arab Spring! Almost. Pretty close, though.

  35. We are going to be able to vote now??

  36. here it comes…

  37. I want to vote no.

  38. I bet she voted for Romney.

  39. This is actually a really sneaky way to push restrictions on gun access without ever coming out in favor of restrictions on gun access: “Congress, they [the victims of gun violence] deserve a vote!” Push Congress to put themselves on the record, while not going on the record himself. Smooth, Mr. President, very smooth.

  40. Thanks Chris. Any last words? I am going to bed soon.

  41. Fox initially paints this as an activist government plan that ignores the debt. That matches my take as well.

  42. the narrator says:

    Missed the SOTU address because I was teaching, but I enjoyed the commentary. Now I need to watch the speech to find out what you were all talking about.

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