State of The Union Open Thread #SOTU

I am embedding my twitter feed for the SOTU Address below. Feel free to respond to me there of in the comments. I will respond to comment here as well.



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  1. The collapse of responsible fatherhood, and its devastating economic consequences, amongst the lower middle- and lower-class deserves more moral authority–and more socio-economic assistance–than a couple of sentences. Still, at least he put it in.

  2. This is actually a really sneaky way to push restrictions on gun access without ever coming out in favor of restrictions on gun access: “Congress, they [the victims of gun violence] deserve a vote!” Push Congress to put themselves on the record, while not going on the record himself. Smooth, Mr. President, very smooth.

  3. Missed the SOTU address because I was teaching, but I enjoyed the commentary. Now I need to watch the speech to find out what you were all talking about.

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