Happy Birthday, Shem!

Shem Foster Henrichsen was born 11 years ago today in Syracuse, NY.

Shem is a unique kid. He likes it that way. He wears an Obama t-shirt to school to show his pride. He knows few others like Obama at his school. This fact only encourages him. It is the same reason he wore University of Utah clothes to the University of Wyoming football camp (though he ended the day in tears).

He loves baseball, football, and his family.

Shem is a big guy. He is big and strong. He is my gentle giant.

He is amazing when it comes to dealing with his 7 year old sister. When she is an emotional mess, it is time for Shem to “work his magic.” Sometimes when having a breakdown…she will ask for him.

On one very cold winter day last school year, Shem walked in from school without his coat. As I was about to ask him why he wasn’t wearing his coat on the walk home from the bus…I saw his sister behind him. She was wearing his coat over hers. Shem had placed his coat over her and her coat because it was so cold. He walked without.

Shem also loves babies. He reacts to seeing a baby the way that he would react if he saw his hero Bryce Harper.

Shem (sporting the Orioles hat he got for his b-day) and Chris

During the campaign, Shem traveled with me to many far off locations throughout Wyoming. He was the perfect wingman. It helped that he is my ultimate defender and supporter. He would listen to what people said about me and then give me feedback on the drive home.

When I got trounced on election day, nobody was surprised…except Shem. He believed in me that much. He was crushed.

Shem and I have bonded over sports. We love talking about the Baltimore Orioles. Today, we are twinners (though he emphasized to me that I should

clarify that being a twinner has nothing to do with the Minnesota twins…these things are important).

Share your birthday wishes for Shem below. He would love to read them.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Shem. As a Cleveland fan I can’t go with your Orioles obsession, but you sound like a great guy otherwise! Hope you had a great day.

  2. Happy Goal Post Birthday (l-l, get it?), Shem! You are officially my favorite 11-year old I’ve never met. But from what your dad says, it sounds like you are true to yourself, fun to be around, and the best big brother a girl could have. Now we need to talk about your choice of MLB teams though. I’d have given you a Colorado Rockies hat, but hey! A guy’s entitled to his favorite teams, especially on his birthday. Hope you had the best one ever!

  3. Happy Birthday, Shem! My favorite memory of you is when I went to the Pizza Pie Cafe with your family and you went in dressed in normal clothes and at some point during the meal you went under the table and came back up dressed as a super hero. Sounds like you continue to be a super hero every day. You are seriously an amazing kid!

  4. Happy Birthday Shem! It definitely sounds like you are a great guy. You have an awesome dad, take care of him.

  5. Well, Shem, I’m sending my belated congratulations on your birthday. From reading about you, I see that you are as your father says a unique young man. Gentleness and kindness coupled with intelligence prepare you for tackling life head on, engaging in it, and enjoying it to its fullest.

    I am so proud you were your dad’s right-hand man during the campaign. I was so excited when Chris announced for Congress. He was the right man for the office without a doubt. But I think you also learned valuable lessons about politics in such a Red state as Wyoming. I truly believe that one day that will change. I am committed to it. Nonetheless, Wyoming is a wonderful place to live. We are all thankful to the Creator for her magnificent open spaces and such internationally know places as Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.
    I will keep talking to your father about his future in politics. He should run for office again, in my opinion. If he does I will be right there with you, encouraging him toward victory.

    Best wishes and many happy returns,
    Tom Davis

  6. Happy Birthday to one of the best Cutthroats fans out there! Hope you had a great day and many more to come!!

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