Lorna Call Alder Memorial Saturday Morning Session Open Thread #ldsconf

Welcome to the Saturday Morning Session of the April 2013 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We are naming this sessions thread after Lorna Call Adler. 

Todd chatted with sister missionaries before this mornings session. The sister on the left was from Madagascar and the other from Tonga.


Todd and I will be joined on this thread by Jared T. and Lela G.

Jared T. is a PhD student in Borderlands and Latin American history. He helped found the Juvenile Instructor and currently blogs occasionally at Mormon Church History. His research interests include the history of Mormonism in Mexico and in the regions spanning the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands. He has researched the first decade of the Mexican Mission of the LDS Church and his dissertation will focus on the Mormon Colonies of northern Mexico as a transnational community.

Lela G. is the Executive Director of the Independence Rock Group: Center for Faith, Ethics, and Social Justice. Lela has over a decade of event planning and fundraising experience to the organization.  She graduated from the University of Virginia with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree which primarily focused on Women and Gender Studies. Since graduating, Lela has worked on political campaigns; primarily focusing on rural districts. Lela is a Veteran of the United States Army. Lela recently joined the LDS Church. This is her first General Conference as a member of the LDS Church.

In the comments below, share your thoughts and impressions about the session. We will update this post as the session moves forward.

Rules: Play nice.

Pres. Uchtdorf is conducting this session. Music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Invocation by Randall K. Bennett of the Seventy.

President Monson opened the session by mentioning his travels and the travels of others related to temple dedications.

Two New Temples: Cedar City, Utah. Rio, Brazil.

Given the overwhelming increase in missionaries, Pres. Monson invite members to increase their donations to the missionary fund.

Pres. Boyd K. Packer reflects upon aging. Takes a very reflective tone. Shares a poem that he has been building upon since he was 68.

Pres. Packer bears strong witness of Christ.

““I have come to know that faith is a real power and not just an expression of belief,” said Pres. Packer.

Pres. Packer talk about the importance of the family and says that Satan is attacking the family.  Father must show love for their wives so that children see that love.

“We need to be careful of the tolerance trap…” warned Packer.

Bishop Dean M. Davies of the Presiding Bishopric refers to earthquakes as a parallel to having a firm foundation…a foundation in Christ.

Pres. Elaine Dalton praised the faith and virtue of the Young Women of the Church.

“What E’er thou Art. Act Well Thy Part.” Saying on a stone shared by Pres. Dalton.

“We are daughter of our Heavenly Father who loves us,” said Pres. Dalton. She added that knowing this will make all the difference in the world.

Pres. Dalton made a strong call for a “return to virtue.”

Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy up after the congregational hymn. Elder Cardon focusing on forgiveness and the central nature of forgiveness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Russell M. Ballard opens talking about the creation and the power of God.

We can only “tap” the powers of heaven through person righteousness, said Elder Ballard.

All must seek after the “Christian Virtues” or love and humility as we carry out God work, said Elder Ballard. He adds that this work includes doing good to others and lifting them up. Elder Ballard said that this is the best way to glorify God.

Elder Ballard encourages local leaders to use videos of recent training broadcast about using the priesthood to strengthen families.

We now have a parable of the tomato plant.


  1. Todd Henrichsen says:

    Ready to go!

  2. Lets’s see…I’ve got my youngest sitting here with me, the English feed on lds.org and a Spanish feed that’s 1 min. behind streaming through a Roku. I’m interested in tracking who is reading their own message in Spanish.

  3. I’ll be joining ya’all this session (and hopefully beyond)!

  4. I am very excited to be live blogging this session! And maybe others.

  5. Welcome everyone! We all stood when The First Presidency and the Twelve entered. Todd was not sure whether to put hi hand on his heart. 🙂

  6. This page needs an auto-refresh feature.

  7. The women prayer watch is now officially begun.

  8. Jared T. says:

    When has there been as much anticipation of a prayer in an LDS Church meeting?

  9. Looks like no lady for the opening prayer.

  10. And no prayer by a woman to start.

  11. Stinking internet connection! Keeps buffering.

  12. Does the Tabernacle Choir normally sing for the Saturday sessions?

  13. I did some sisters standing guard on the floor level, just in front of the stand.

  14. Jared T. says:

    “Even President Thomas S. Monson.”

    First use of “even” this conference right out of the gate.

  15. Chris, they normally have a local choir singing. At least that is my recollection.

  16. Monson speaks first. OD3 coming?

  17. Jared T. says:

    President Monson and then President Packer, Bishop Davies, and Sister Dalton after him.

  18. I love hearing the Prophet speak. I never get tired of it.

  19. I guess I’m looking at this from a different perspective. I’m preparing myself for some “boos” but I don’t care whether a female prays or not. I LOVE the talks. Gives my the spiritual buoy that I need.

  20. Local choir sings 2nd Saturday session.

  21. Another Utah temple. This is becoming a conference tradition lol

  22. Jared T. says:

    Cedar City temple and Rio De Janeiro Temples announced.

  23. Hearing about all the missionaries is amazing! I look forward to when my children serve.

  24. The Cedar City temple is not too much of a surprise. The St. George temple is so overloaded with people. I have in-laws down in those parts.

  25. I predicted (on a friend’s FB page) another temple along the I-15 corridor. Cedar City crossed my mind, but I chose the Cove Fort area due to its historical significance (Hinckley). I thought Cedar City was too close to St. George, but I suppose that temple is extremely busy.

  26. Pres. Packer looks and sounds much more healthy than last conference. I hope that means he is doing better.

  27. “We are meant to age, with it comes a knowledge of the truth.”

  28. “I know and love The Lord…” That got me. Some similarities to Elder McConkies famous last testimony.

  29. This is an interesting talk. Makes me sad that he might be saying “good-bye” here.

  30. Jared T. says:

    Father has the responsibility to provide Priesthood protection to the home.

  31. “I have come to know that faith is a real power and not just an expression of belief.” -BKP

  32. My children have a very righteous mother.

  33. Tolerance=Gay marriage in this talk. I had a feeling that he might bring this up.

  34. I can feel the tension rising. Let it go. We except Elder Packer to address this topic.

  35. I do not know the new Presiding Bishopric very well. I feel like I was very familiar with Bishop Burton and his counselors.

  36. “Prayer is one of the most basic building blocks of our character.” Bishop Davies

  37. I know my 11-yr-old is listening; he provided a sports anecdote that went along with the San Francisco earthquake.

  38. It seems like everyone at BYU has taken at least one dance class. lol

  39. Jared T. says:

    I managed to make it through without doing so…but made up for it by marrying a ballerina.

  40. The tone of voice is so distracting to the message.

  41. Contributors=outside of the home workers?

  42. Jared T. says:

    I’d say about as much as most of the male seventies’ voices. Seems that becoming a member of the 12 helps one find their own voice…or many of them have been around so long that you don’t notice anymore.

  43. Phew! Then our kids will be fine. 😉

  44. “It is mothers who most directly influence the lives of their children.” -Sister Dalton

  45. “Young Women need mothers and mentors.”

    It takes a village.

  46. Jared T. says:


  47. Jared T. says:

    Did Pres. Packer directly cite the Proclamation? He discussed family, but I don’t remember if he referenced it specifically.

  48. Jared T. says:

    Calls out media for objectifying young women. Good point.

  49. I was fortunate enough to make my schedule work so my kids were cared for my parents…and here and there, relatives. For this, I am most grateful. I am now getting ready to go back to work full-time. What a blessing those years have been. I do not judge those that do work outside the home; each person has their reason. However, I know that I would have many regrets if I hadn’t been able to have that time with my children.

  50. Oops! Typ-o. My parents didn’t care for my children. Chris and I did, my children’s parents. My parents helps occasionally.

  51. I loved the call for a return to virtue. Of course, it makes me want to read Aristotle. Maybe just some Martha Nussbaum.

  52. I gave a YM’s lesson on Aristotle and virtue once. haha.

  53. 7 x 70, so I only have to forgive people 490 times? This is a good thing.

  54. I love hearing talks on forgiveness. I so need forgiveness and I am also struggling to forgive. Faith, repentance, forgiveness. That is the good stuff! At the same time the very stuff that is SO HARD to do.

  55. “The Lord does not limit forgiveness according to the severity of the sin.” That is a pretty big statement.

  56. Jared T. says:

    Should be greater dramatic pause between “Who have not sinned…” and “…unto DEATH.” And then dramatic music.

  57. I really love this talk by Elder Cardon’s. Very strong on the grace. We need more talks like this one.

  58. Jared T. says:

    The source of priesthood is God and Christ.

  59. It will be interesting to see if/how women are mentioned in this talk about Priesthood by Elder Ballard.

  60. Jared T. says:

    Power of priesthood comes only to the worthy.

  61. Men “are not the Priesthood”

  62. “The Priesthood power, just as the procreation power, is shared by husband and wife”-Elder Ballard

  63. Jared T. says:

    Think of the tomatoes!

  64. I like that this talk is touching on core theological perspectives. Not a response to the chatter. Great session so far!

  65. The thing that scares me about parables involving plants is that I am not very good at growing plants. Not very good with animals, either. I do like kids!

  66. I can remember when Chris and I were first married we were called as Primary teachers. We learned this song.

  67. Jared T. says:

    There it is, Sister Gene Stevens.

  68. I love Pres. Eyring. For some reason I have a connection with nerdy guys who cry. I cannot help it.

  69. It is Sister Jean A. Stevens. Here is her bio:


  70. The new updated version of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”

    Click to access proc%20fam.pdf

  71. Women pray in sacrament meeting, why not general conference. Makes a lot of sense since praying is not a priesthood duty.

  72. No doubt that modern prophets and apostles interact with Christ after President Eyring’s testimony.

  73. “Just as surely as the disciples on the road to Emmaus and the Prophet Joseph Smith”

  74. See everyone in a couple of hours.

  75. Shem is shocked that it’s already over.

  76. Jared T. says:

    And a big AMEN to that prayer. Thanks all and thanks Chris for the opportunity.

  77. See y’all at 2pm Mountion/4pm Eastern

  78. Robert C. says:

    I missed the session, but it’s been fun reading you guys’s live blog–thanks!

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