Meg Lanker-Simons is my friend.

Surviving Wyoming is no longer about surviving the brutal weather and climate (like it was the pioneers) but it is about surviving the brutal and cruel people.

Meg Lanker-Simons is my friend. I am her friend. I stand by her for that very reason.

I know what it is like to be thrown under the bus by an institution of higher education that is willing to spread vitriol and lies in order to cover itself.

I know what it is like to deal with law enforcement in Wyoming. Not the most analytical bunch. So, I have little reason to give them much benefit of the doubt.

I know what it is like to deal with media outlets like the Casper Star-Tribune (CST). The CST is a vile outlet. Their editor prides himself in destroying lives. His reporters are little more than pawns in his cynical game.

Meg and her husband Andrew are among the few people in Wyoming that I trust. Yes, their are others…but that circle has become very small over the last five months.

When I first announced my run for Congress, Meg reached out to help while most on the left here was still trying to figure out if I was liberal enough (if you read my blog…you will find irony in that).

She had me on her weekly radio show three times. Meg and Andrew where invaluable consultants for a campaign that could not afford to hire any. They canvassed with me and my family. They invited my family to their home for lasagna.

Loyalty and friendship are very hard things to find in the wasteland which is known as Wyoming. I am not about to caste those aside who have so willingly show me loyalty and friendship.

Instead of judging Meg, I am instead choosing to show her love. She is my sister in the struggle. If mistakes were made, I will only show forgiveness.

Many people on the right and left would be more than happy to see Meg hurt by all of this. She has long been the enemy of the proper and the comfortable.

Of course, she has been hurt and there is more hurt to come.

Meg is my friend. I will be there for her. If you cannot understand this, I am sad for you. You must not know what it means to be a friend and to have friends.

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  1. It is one thing to give people the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty, etc.

    It is quite another to take a stubborn closed-minded stance and unconditionally praise her and argue her innocence regardless of what evidence is brought up against her, and regardless of what irrational conspiracy theories you need to devise to defend her.

    The assertion that a school that wasn’t even directly involved in this “incident” had power over the government to form a conspiracy on this scale is outrageous and childish.

    Actions like this only serve to demean real victims and the current string of hate-hoaxes in schools are incredibly damaging to people who deal with real hate, by standing by them unconditionally you are supporting this behavior and hurting the cause.

    Meg Lanker-Simons recently published the names of 9 people who “liked” her lawyer Tumblr post, encouraging her followers to attack and bully them before it backfired. That alone shows that she is a reprehensible person at a fundamental level. Had she been born 300 years ago, I absolutely believe she would be leading angry mobs in witch hunts.

    Don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for all the people who have and will be hurt by these hoaxes, shame on you.

      • I can’t fault your loyalty and feelings of duty towards someone who has extended support and kindness to you. She will need people who are not only ready to see with clear eyes what her crime has been, but to help her get to a place of truth, and to understand her worth independent of being a phony idea of what she considers valuable and worthwhile.
        You will not be a true friend to her if you enable her attempts to evade confrontation with herself. You are not a friend if you try to help her wriggle away from what she did and the whys of it, helping her heap blame or scorn on others or maintain a fiction of heroism in her own life or anyone elses. You will be a true friend if you are able to love her or help her in spite of understanding that she has a longstanding need demonstrated by a pattern of action, to fool others and use false narratives to advance herself or her will at the expense of truth and at the expense of others.

        The truth should be enough. To exaggerate is to weaken. She can be a real hero if she learns to face herself and her desire to escape the hard work of being genuine. If she learns to fail with grace.

        For myself, I think she has a serious personality disorder. She may or may not learn , may not be capable of learning that others matter as much as herself. But so long as you take care to keep clear eyes, you can offer a net, make sure she isn’t abandoned absolutely for her faults, and maybe help her on her path.

        The truth wasn’t good enough. She had to invent a story. When caught out, she is murderous, suicidal., because to be caught out in the truth is like extinction of herself. But DO NOT HELP HER LIE. Help her face herself.

  2. “Also, the citation against Meg is from the University of Wyoming police department. I think that means they are involved.”

    Do you and Meg shop for aluminum foil for your hats together? You have no reason to believe this other than that you want to. There is no grounds to question the university or the police department apart from the fact that you want this not to be true. Yet, you implicitly allude to conspiracy theories.

    And if Meg is indeed guilty of this, then she has betrayed “the struggle.” The next woman who comes forward with a legitimate accusation of rape or rape threat will face extra skepticism. She may even be dissuaded from reporting it because “your sister” cried wolf.

    But, the funny thing is that Sis could have made the fake post and gotten away with fomenting outrage among her supporters in her little corner of cyberspace. But, then she catered to her PC-policing instincts. “Hate-fuck” is not a synonym for rape. Ask anyone who has had “hate sex.” But, because she equated the too, and the equivalence was accepted by those who initially expressed outrage on her behalf, the whole thing blew up, and her deception was exposed.

  3. As I already stated in another place, I feel like a horrible person for what is going on. I feel this way because I do not believe this sort of thing should happen to people.

    However, right now this is occurring against someone who does the exact same thing to other people. Who takes pride in calling some a douche bag each week on her radio show. Who posts links for people to send disrespectful messages to when she doesn’t like their actions or their arguments. Who, when this whole thing broke out, rather than report it to the police and have it investigated, called down the exact same kind of mob justice against the supposed poster.

    Regardless of her guilt or innocence, only time and evidence will show what is actually going on here, I hope that she learns a lesson from this experience. That maybe she will not be so quick to demean people. That maybe she will realize that her actions can have consequences like the ones she is now suffering. And while I feel terrible about that suffering, maybe it will prevent someone else from suffering at her hands down the road.

    • I am glad she will not have to interrupt her studies by returning to Wyoming. I should have a podcast and/or interview with her sometime in the near future. The change of plea changes nothing I wrote in the above post.

      • OK, I can understand that & it is admirable to stand by your friends(especially under these extreme circumstances) but the question is what are your thoughts on the change of her plea from Not Guily to No Contest? Do you see it as a tacit admission of guilt or an attempt to get past it, forget about it & move on with her life?

        • Why would anyone drop out of school, travel halfway across the country to defend themselves knowing that regardless of the result the locals will still think you’re an unhinged loon?

          Someone here said that only time and evidence will tell what’s going on. No it won’t. This is about an interference charge, not libel, defamation of character, harassment or anything beyond a statement that wasn’t even taped, filmed or recorded in any way by UWPD. Basically, UWPD Officer, Bade says Meg admitted to making a post as UW Crushes (technologically impossible, but what does he care) and later recanted. He has no evidence beyond his word of this interference charge. UW’s press release gloried digital evidence that has over the last five months shown itself to be very open to interpretation along with UW’s overall network security.

          Looking around at the comments here and elsewhere, its pretty obvious that this is already a done deal as far as guilt is concerned for the public. So yes, a no contest plea, that is not a legal admission of guilt is probably a sensible option given the circumstances.

          I’m not fighting any PR campaign to clear her name when the case boils down to Bade says she lied at some point over four hour interrogation he didn’t bother to record. Frankly, I really don’t understand why people who accept that as damning evidence against her character deserve the continued effort.

        • I am pretty surprised she chose to go this route. For someone who has chosen to put themselves in the public eye( her blog, radio show,womens advocate) one would think that her word would be very important to her and defending it would be a very high priority. I believe she could have fought this without appearing herself (I may be wrong about that !), so there would be no need to travel 1/2 way cross country. Her lawyer could have appeared in her stead.
          She doesn’t appear to be the type of person who would sit still and simply take a Nolo plea in the face of A) her innocence & B) An allegedly false statement by a police officer. I think she would LOVE to have that fight if she were innocent.
          If she fought this & won, her credibilty would not only remain intact, it would be very much strengthened. If she fought & lost, she could always claim that the ‘powers the be’ got it wrong. A Nolo plea just tells us she;s guilty and didn’t want the embarresment of being found out. Her credibility as an advocate is shot.
          I cannot believe that Bade would commit a felony of lying as a police officer & jeopardize his carrer simply to catch MLS for a lousy mis-demeanor. That argument doesn’t hold water.

        • “I think she would LOVE to have that fight if she were innocent.”

          That would require time and money.

          “I cannot believe that Bade would commit a felony of lying as a police officer & jeopardize his carrer simply to catch MLS for a lousy mis-demeanor.”

          Yeah, Wyoming law enforcement officer tend to either be morons or thugs…so I do not find it hard to believe at all.


          Meg and Andrew have pretty much decided that Wyoming is not worth the trouble. I join them in giving a collective middle-finger to the place. Moving on is the healthy thing to do.

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