When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums..

Last week I watched Les Mis for the first time. I’ve heard of the story but had never seen any of the film or play productions. I will say I was impressed. I thought it was a great story.  The music is what got me. I felt it to be inspiring in many ways, and making the story that much more influential. There were many great songs, and lines in the songs that I thought were pretty powerful.  One of the lines comes from the song, “The People’s song” it is as follows:

“Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
there is a life about to start
when tomorrow comes!”


Now there are many other songs in the film that are great, but for me I felt that this was particular to their cause and struggle, and even one that maybe can be used to represent the feelings of many in our day. The fight and struggle that so many have to endure to feel a sense of security, and worth which cause a great sense of alienation in the midst of our society. We have a great history of “angry men” fighting for the cause to not be “slaves again” which we seem to admire. From the founding fathers to the civil rights movement there have always been people who need to fight for their liberty. I believe I could argue that even today there is a need to be able to fight for our liberty in a sense that when it comes to feeling apart of and the ones who have an ability to say what affects their lives.

One example that comes to mind, was during the state of Wisconsin’s attempt, and then actual passage of certain budgets in 2011, that effected so many of those apart of education, and public work, that led to a great mass of people who took to the streets, and ascended on the state house to “echo the beating drums with the feelings in their hearts.” When we lose our desire to sing the song of angry men and be participants of the political process, locally and nationally, we begin to lose our sovereignty of being able to be a truly ruled people by the people and for the people. “Will you give all you can give, So that our banner may advance because there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes?!”



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  1. Lyndee and I, along with Todd (13) and Geneva (7) watched it this past weekend as well. I have always loved it. I always cry. My children now sing parts of the songs with me.

    The story itself breaks my heart. It seemed to make me all the more sad this time…

  2. In the book, there is this written in the beginning pages”

    “So long as there shall exist, by virtue of law and custom, decrees of damnation pronounced by society, artificially creating hells amid the civilization of earth, and adding the element of human fate to divine destiny; so long as the three great problems of the century—the degradation of man through pauperism, the corruption of woman through hunger, the crippling of children through lack of light—are unsolved; so long as social asphyxia is possible in any part of the world;—in other words, and with a still wider significance, so long as ignorance and poverty exist on earth, books of the nature of Les Misérables cannot fail to be of use.”


  3. Being a useful idiot for a cause is not being a participant in the political process, but an attempt to derail the political process.

    The dysfunction in Congress is the effective working of our well designed political process. Angry men on both sides move to get their desired party and person elected; the desired parties and persons meet in the halls of congress and attempt to work according to as they have been directed by the people they represent. The dysfunction comes from there being two sides which have fundamental disagreements, and a slow moving government can be argued to be a very good thing.

    Further, it is easy to put together angry mobs to support a particular position but that doesn’t imply that the angry mob has the popular support or have the correct view of things. It actually doesn’t even imply that the angry mob even understands the issue they are protesting, in various countries it is possible to custom order angry mobs for whatever issue one desires.

    Finally, an angry mob often represents a small fraction of the people which are heavily effected by a policy. However, the larger populace which may lose more just more diffusely if the angry mod also deserves representation. Teachers losing the ability to blackmail government to receive pay and job security lose a lot when unions are not allowed to thus blackmail; the populace at large however loses a lot more, but more diffusely when public employee unions are allowed to blackmail government, not only in the form of taxes, but also in a variety of other forms such as strikes and other less visible forms.

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