Until we all view Trayvon….

…as our own son, nothing will change.

My son Shem almost always wears a hoodie…and he prefers to have candy in that hoodie. He does not face the same racism that Trayvon did. Luckily, we also have not had a neighbor like George Zimmerman.

While we lament our gun-crazed violent and hateful culture, may our hearts and thoughts be with Trayvon’s parents. Trayvon is their son. They can no longer hug him. They can no longer enjoy his smile. They can no longer listen to his laugh.

We have failed them.

We have failed Trayvon.

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  1. With all due respect, did you pay any attention whatsoever to the evidence brought forward during the trial? Seriously, after carefully considering what ACTUALLY happened that night, no fair-minded person would convict George Zimmerman. And let’s not forget, he is also someone’s son. We can rightfully mourn the loss of Trayvon without wrongfully elevating him to sainthood or condemning GZ to hell, which is precisely what the media did.

    • Did you pay any attention? GZ followed him with a loaded gun, against the instructions of dispatch. The HOA has already settled a lawsuit because its volunteers are forbidden from carrying firearms. The only version of the story we know is from GZ who made sure that Trayvon was shot through the heart. No blood from GZ nor any of his DNA was found on Trayvon despite the attack GZ claims. You dismissal of Trayvon’s death is frankly sickening. You are whispering many things, but facts are not among them.

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