This is Why I Respect Libertarianism

No, I do not agree with libertarianism. However I often cringe when the term is used in the United States in association with crass, if not intellectually vulgar, figures like Ayn Rand and Ron Paul.

Chandran Kukathas is a chair in political theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I studied under Kukathas for my MA in political science at the University of Utah. At the University of Utah, he was the Neal A. Maxwell Chair in Political Theory, Public Policy, and Public Service.

I largely associate Chandran with the personal kindness he showed me, and not his libertarianism. Yet, Chandran introduced to me through his own work and those of others (some of whom he invited to campus), a form of libertarianism which is a sophisticated and thoughtful. Robert Nozick also represents such a form of libertarianism, despite the rough treatment Anarchy, State and Utopia receives in this presentation by Kukathas.

Take a listen to his presentation "Libertarianism: A Sceptical Critique and a Marxist Reconstruction". I may comment on the content of the presentation at a later time.

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