There are No “Fake” Geeks, Only Real Jerks. Geek Feminism Fights Back!

Apparently some guy geeks were not being very nice to some girls geeks. Guy geeks can be jerks! So, the band Doubleclicks fought back…with a few cameos from some non-jerk guy geeks…but mostly girl geeks claiming their place in the mighty world of geekdom!

As a liberal feminist with postmodern leanings, I am loving geek feminism right now!

Does posting this make me a geek?

I sure hope so.

Please support our efforts here at Approaching Justice to be more geeky.

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  1. Something is telling me that probably none of those women plays Eve Online – one of the most egregious offenders of male-only culture and rampant chauvinism.

    Makes the guys on World of Warcraft look like raving feminists by comparison.

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