Teaching the Gospel in Our Homes: My Sermon

Today, I gave a sermon about teaching the gospel in our homes. The talk touched on Rawls, King Benjamin from the Book of Mormon, my Chevy Suburban, and lots of cute

Shem (11), Todd (13), Geneva (7), and Lyndee

stories about my beautiful and amazing children.

Lyndee spoke first and I make a few references to her talk.

Take a listen to the talk here.

Or here:

I am sharing this talk as part of the Passing on the Faith: Teaching the Next Generation Symposium here at Patheos.




  1. Karolyn Brinton says:

    You gave a “sermon”??

    • In the LDS church, the members of the congregation are asked to speak on given topics. We don’t have the typical sermon where our bishop preaches to us each week.

      • Karolyn Brinton says:

        I am a member of the LDS church and have been for 73 years.. We do not give “sermons”

        • Well, I am only 36, so you have some experience on me. But I do give sermons. 🙂

        • Potatoe…potatoe. No matter what you call it, it’s the same thing. We often alter the lingo so people of other faiths will understand. For instance, when talking about a ward, I might use “congregation.” I try explaining that a bishop is like a pastor. A talk is like a serman.

  2. Wait–how did you record it?

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