“Atheists have Rock N’ Roll”

I am not an Atheist, though I consider many Atheists amongst my friends.

Fellow Patheos Blogger Rebecca Hamilton shared a video of the Steve Martin performing “Atheists Don’t Have Songs.” A you might expect from Steve Martin, the song is a satirical and it will make you smile. I think I prefer Martin the banjo man more than I do Martin the actor. The song is more a satire of the image people have of Atheists than it is of Atheists.

Just ignore the straw men statements about Atheists that proceed the video.

As the song points out “Atheists have Rock N’ Roll.”

Two songs came to mind as I thought of great Atheist rock songs.

Imagine by John Lennon

Chop Suey! by System of A Down

I am more System Of A Down than I am John Lennon. Either way, them Atheists have got song after all.

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