Some Buddhist Reflections on “Are Mormons Christian?”

My friend and colleague, Justin Whitaker, has made contributed to the blog round table on the question of “Are Mormons Christians?”

In his post “Are Mormons Christians? Defining Religious Identity,” Whitaker has adds a lot of light on this question from the perspective of a religion scholar and as a Buddhist.

I particularly liked this:

But perhaps, in this age of increasing cosmopolitanism, the best thing to do is simply ask: Dude, are you a Christian?


Okay then. Cool. Let’s talk about what that means to you and I can share what that means to me.

Go read his entire post.

Also, check out the rest of his blog and his FB page.

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  1. It is interesting to me, as I have read through the posts and comments, that so many people seem obsessed with a creed that was created long after Christ and his original apostles had died. In taking comparative religions and comparative Christianity at a non-religious college, I really enjoyed learning about the variety of traditions, how they intersect in a variety of ways. We were expected, once we had studied a specific Christian denomination, to be able to have the teacher ask us to take on their perspective, and discuss that religious perspective with other students, (who were assigned another religious perspective for that day) with our professor correcting us, (or simply explaining where some particular splits in that religious movement may have happened) as we became familiar with not only the beliefs, but which groups most interacted with each other, and in what ways their interactions led to the “hard lines/beliefs” between some denominations.

    I was lucky enough to have a grade school friends with a wide religious variety, and that our parents were not threatened by us learning about each others religions. So I took First Communion class with Tina, went to 4 years of Baptist Bible School, 2 of Lutheran Bible School, and to the 1 year the Evangelical church allowed friends to come to their Revival School. I also took Bat Mitzvah lesson with Wendy, we all fasted for Ramadan with boy Muslim boys in our grade, (and enjoyed the invitation to their sundown meals) and most of those same friends came to a few Mormon activities, especially the talent shows and plays put on by our ward or stake, during grade school and middle school.

    What I learned from my childhood friends, is similar to what I learned from my comparative religions and comparative Christianity classes; there are a lot of good people, doing their best, who often disagree over things that aren’t important in how they live their lives. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t spiritually important to many of them, but I have learned that often people who have spent their entire lives in a particular Christian theology, who don’t know what the things are that distinguish that theology from other branches of Christianity.

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