Priesthood Session Open Thread: Televised Edition! #ldsconf #twitterstake

I really enjoyed today’s earlier sessions.

Tonight’s priesthood session is the first priesthood session that has been widely broadcast. Tonight, one can watch from church or on BYU-TV or online…live.

I am hoping to hear from those who are watching from home. I would particularly love to hear what any women watching think (or what do the women watching with you) think about the session.

Please join me in the comments! All are welcome.

I would invite you to register with Disqus. Otherwise, it will have to approve each individual comment…and that can be tedious for everyone.

Again, I am being joined by my former student Blake. Blake is a Yankees fan, recent law grad, from Idaho, and currently a Gospel Doctrine teacher. Despite all of that…I love him and appreciate his willingness to share with us his insights. Anyone who has heard me lecture..and still can stand me…must be a patient and charitable guy.

President Eyring is conducting.

Elder L. Tom Perry:

First thought when preparing his talk was memories of primary teacher from when he was a boy.

Memorizing the Articles of Faith does no good without knowing/understanding the doctrines and principles, his teacher taught.

Elder Perry taught about a range of the basic doctrines in the Articles of Faith and testified of them.

Bishop Gerald Causee:

“You will go, I will say.”

There are no strangers, only brothers and sisters in the Church.

Shared story from Les Miserable of the Priest offering sanctuary.

Elder Randy D. Funk:

Elder Funk is talking about full-time missionary service.

Come unto Him and offer you whole souls.

Prepare as well as you can and know that Heavenly Father will magnify your efforts.

President Uchtdorf:

“Opa, you can do it now!”

“Godly sorrow inspires change and hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

President Eyring:

Remember that you are not the priest or the Levite who passed on by.

“He stopped because he had compassion.”

President Monson:

The service of home-teaching.

“Above all be a friend to the individuals and families you visit.”

See y’all tomorrow!



  1. Nancy Ross says:

    Dear LDS Church, please let the women in!

  2. Oh, a creepy food storage commercial!

  3. I am currently joined by Todd (13) and Lyndee (not stating here really young age).

  4. Blake Surerus says:

    Here in the comfort of my home watching Priesthood Session on BYUtv with my 7 week old daugter.

  5. Blake Surerus says:

    I wonder if Elder Perry still remembers the names of the Quorum of the Twelve when he graduated from Primary?

  6. So we have been doing the memorization of the Articles of Faith for a long time.

  7. True Doctrine is like a cell phone with the battery removed. This is why you cannot remove the battery from an iPhone. It is true.

  8. “We respect the government of each country we enter.” Even when Obama is president? No way!

  9. Blake Surerus says:

    The 12th article of faith must be a difficult thing for those Saints who live in Communist nations and dictatorships.

  10. Blake Surerus says:

    Do we know where Elder Causse is from? France?

  11. “You will go, I will say.” My son said that when we decided to leave Wyoming.

  12. Blake Surerus says:

    “We live the higher law of love”. Love those who love us and those who hate us.

  13. Les Miserable!!!! I love European General Authorities.

  14. Blake Surerus says:

    While many wards and branches are very welcoming, I have heard of some wards which are not so friendly to those who are “different”.

  15. Blake Surerus says:

    Unity is not acheived by putting labels on those who are different.

  16. Randy D. Funk is a pretty cool name.

  17. Blake Surerus says:

    Too much hairgel.

  18. Blake Surerus says:

    I don’t know how comfortable I would be with my mission president discussing me in General Conference.

  19. Blake Surerus says:

    It’s Utchdorf time!

  20. Blake Surerus says:

    President Utchdorf could have used a LifeAlert.

  21. Blake Surerus says:

    We do not become champions without failing and making mistakes.

  22. Blake Surerus says:

    Difference between sorrow for sin and despair is a very fine line.

  23. Blake Surerus says:

    Don’t focus only on the daily successes and failures. Look forward with an eye of faith.

  24. Blake Surerus says:

    No matter how many times you have slipped or fallen…RISE UP!

  25. Blake Surerus says:

    Shorter Pres. Eyring: The Elders are very good at moving.

  26. Blake Surerus says:

    The Parable of the Good Samaritan=Reality for a modern day Priesthood holder

  27. Blake Surerus says:

    One of my favorite parts of General Conference…Prophets dissecting Jesus’ parables

  28. Blake Surerus says:

    Sometimes we need to ask for compassion for others

  29. Blake Surerus says:

    This is an important point: Priesthood leaders need to ponder who can help and who would benefit from not serving.

  30. The Good Samaritan parable point to the importance of loving action over title, authority and position.

  31. Blake Surerus says:

    President Monson giving the ultimate lesson on Home Teaching. You can bet this will be on the 4th Sunday schedule of lessons.

  32. I love this story!

  33. Blake Surerus says:

    Moral of the story: Make an appointment. If you don’t, you might end up teaching 3 Apostles.

  34. Blake Surerus says:

    Also: Don’t just go for the stats.

  35. Blake Surerus says:

    So HT really is an “assigned friendship”.

  36. Blake Surerus says:

    I am always amazed at the number of stories President Monson can recall. He must be an amazing journal keeper.

  37. Thanks, Blake! It was fun.

  38. Blake Surerus says:

    Thoughts on watching Priesthood Session from home: Definitely more distractions, but enjoy the freedom of being able to use social media to share the messages.

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