Saturday Afternoon Session Open Thread: “There is room for you here.” Edition #ldsconf #twitterverse

(UPDATE: Due to technical delays at the start of the conference, I will not be posting my notes. However, I will open the post for comments)

I really enjoyed this morning’s session, especially the talks by Elder Dube and Pres. Uchtdorf.

We re-fueled on some In N Out Burger between sessions and we are ready to go!

I will be updating my notes here in the body of the post and adding comments below as well. Please join me in the comments! All are welcome.

I would invite you to register with Disqus. Otherwise, it will have to approve each individual comment…and that can be tedious for everyone.

I want to thank Blake for joining me this afternoon! Blake is a Yankees fan, recent law grad, from Idaho, and currently a Gospel Doctrine teacher. Despite all of that…I love him and appreciate his willingness to chime in.

Here we go!

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  1. This talk sounds very similar to the talk Elder Christofferson gave a few conferences ago in Priesthood session.

  2. I always wondered why the phrase “small and simple things” was used to describe our efforts. Now I realize it is because the Lord is the one who does most of the work.

  3. No shame in acknowledging mental illness, much like one acknowledges high blood pressure. Now, how to do that?

  4. This is amazing! Elder Holland acknowledging that he too has suffered with depression. This is what makes Apostles’ talks so powerful.

  5. Here is the invitation….Reach out to one person before Christmas. Good thing my next door neighbors are not members.

  6. I don’t remember a session of conference that made me ball more…and President Eyring didn’t even speak.

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