Sunday Afternoon Session Open Thread: Sister Frances Monson Memorial Edition. #ldsconf #twitterstake

This morning, President Thomas S. Monson spoke about his wife Sister Frances Monson. She passed away shortly after the last General Conference. I want to dedicate this thread to her and Pres. Monson.

Please join us in the comments! All are welcome.

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Elder Quentin L. Cook:

Spiritual Bondage and subjection

Ideological or political beliefs inconsistent with Church doctrine are a form of bondage.

Elder Neil Anderson

Ordinances invite us to increased faith.

Talk mostly about the priesthood order. (sorry, I am a bit slow to note taking here)

“Whatever your situation, your home will be bless by priesthood power.”

Elder David M. McConkie

Speaking to the teachers of the Church.

“You must not teach your own opinions or ideas.”

Personal spiritual preparation is the key.

An emphasis on teaching students, rather than just repeating well worn stories.

Elder Kevin Scott Hamilton:

Attending our Sunday meetings as a version of holding to the rod.

Elder Adrián Ochoa

Don’t forget to look up. Watch for the signs of the times.

Elder Terence M. Vinson:

Members of the Church are entitled to a spiritual witness.

We do not need to rely on our own strength.

Christ is always near.

Elder Russell M. Nelson:

Revere human life, in each of its many stages.

President Monson:

Wrapping up Conference with a hearty farewell.


  1. Blake Surerus says:

    Looks like Elder Christofferson was excited to hear what Elder Andersen is going to speak on. Cameras caught him peeking over at Elder Andersen’s notes.

  2. Blake Surerus says:

    There have been a lot of Pioneer hymns this conference.

  3. Blake Surerus says:

    Huh, so Elder Cook is an opera person.

  4. Blake Surerus says:

    To do list: Read Jeremiah and Lamentations.

  5. Bondage? Uh, oh!

  6. How many members of the Twelve are lawyers? Just three?

  7. “False gods like wealth and fame.”

  8. Blake Surerus says:

    Intellectual bondage? What do you think that means?

  9. Blake Surerus says:

    Addictions….the first form of bondage.

  10. Blake Surerus says:

    This story about lawyers is not wholly uncommon. Major reason why I decided practicing law was not for me.

  11. Blake Surerus says:

    Ideological or political beliefs inconsistent with Church doctrine. The next major form of bondage.

  12. Blake Surerus says:

    “Isn’t this grandpa’s house too?”

  13. Blake Surerus says:

    Next form of bondage….Government, I think.

  14. Blake Surerus says:

    What media outlets do you think the Apostles read or listen to?

  15. Blake Surerus says:

    “Man does not own the blinds, or the window, or the warmth”. Elder Andersen referring to the Priesthood.

  16. Two abortion references this Conference. Most specific references I have heard in a while…or ever.

  17. Blake Surerus says:

    Elder Andersen about why women don’t hold the Priesthood…There is much we do not know.

  18. Blake Surerus says:

    Giving priesthood blessings or officiating in priesthood ordinances unworthily is taking the name of God in vain. I have never heard it described that way before.

  19. Blake Surerus says:

    I don’t think I have ever known anyone who was underwhelmed with a church calling.

  20. Blake Surerus says:

    I hate to be pessimistic, but I don’t really see this talk as appeasing OW.

  21. Blake Surerus says:

    Brother McConkie speaking to the teachers of the Church.

  22. Blake, he is taking to you Gospel Doctrine teachers.

  23. “This is why you cannot fail.” No pressure.

  24. Blake Surerus says:

    I am inadequate.

  25. Blake Surerus says:

    “You must not teach your own opinions or ideas”. Guilty as charged.

  26. Blake Surerus says:

    Daily preparation will help you teach with power.

  27. Aristotle and Kant are approved materials…right?

  28. Blake Surerus says:

    Holy Ghost is really hitting me hard on this talk. I will definitely come back and read this one.

  29. Blake Surerus says:

    It really is an enriching experience when a person’s comment in class leads the discussion.

  30. Blake Surerus says:

    “Go where the promptings take you”.

  31. Blake Surerus says:

    Another talk about leaving the Church.

  32. Blake Surerus says:

    Lehi’s dream is truly one of the most tragic stories in the Book of Mormon.

  33. Kevin Scott Hamilton…not the ice skater. #runawaybride

  34. Blake Surerus says:

    This talk is for those who go to sacrament meeting, skip out on Sunday school and Priesthood.

  35. Blake Surerus says:

    Bean burritos, I am getting hungry again.

  36. Blake Surerus says:

    Bloggers with false credibility. I think that was a swipe at people who buy Twitter followers.

  37. Blake Surerus says:

    Don’t look at porn and don’t look at anti-Joseph Smith material.

  38. Blake Surerus says:

    I have mixed feelings about the effect of looking at anti material. For some people it can be good because it prompts them to investigate and solidify their testimony. For others, it can destroy their testimony.

  39. Blake Surerus says:

    Elder Vinson is from Oz.

  40. We do not need to rely on our own strength.

  41. Blake Surerus says:

    A fire of the President Monson variety. Haha!

  42. Blake Surerus says:

    That fly is testing Elder Vinson’s patience.

  43. Blake Surerus says:

    Everybody says Life of Pi is such a good show. I guess I will have to watch it.

  44. Blake Surerus says:

    The last verse of Enos has long been one of my favorite Book of Mormon scriptures.

  45. Blake Surerus says:

    Revere human life, in each of its many stages.

  46. Love life through each of its many stages. Abortion reference #3.

  47. Blake Surerus says:

    How you use your body will determine your destiny.

  48. Blake Surerus says:

    Self mastery builds a strong conscience.

  49. Blake Surerus says:

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of change.

  50. The state defending marriage does not prohibit gay marriage as an option.

  51. Blake Surerus says:

    I am not good at interviews.

  52. Blake Surerus says:

    Our testimony will be a protection for us against the buffetings of Satan.

  53. I love this songs. Good one to end on.

  54. Blake Surerus says:

    This General Conference seems to have really been focused on providing counsel and comfort for those who are struggling.

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