Sunday Morning Session Open Thread: NFL Edition! #ldsconf #twitterstake

I really enjoyed yesterday’s sessions.

Please join me in the comments! All are welcome.

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Again, I am being joined by my former student Blake. Blake is a Yankees fan, recent law grad, from Idaho, and currently a Gospel Doctrine teacher. I very much enjoyed chatting with him yesterday.

President Eyring:

There is but one plan of happiness. That plan is to follow all the commandments of God.

When sins are forgiving, HE can remember them no more.

Success in marriage will require the presence and guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks:

The 10 Commandments

Love the Lord is the greatest commandment.

We offend God when we serve other gods.

Our theology starts with “Heavenly Parents.”

The law of the state does not trump God’s law.

Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson (General YM President):

New morality is just the old immorality.

As you are converted, you will have a desire and conviction to share with others.

Elder Richard Maynes:

Building our spiritual endurance.

Elder Richard G. Scott:

The Atonement brings personal strength to the children of God.

There are long-term and short-term consequences of sin.

We need to build fortifications against the memory of our past guilt.

President Monson:

President Monson remembered his wife Frances who passed away shortly after the last General Conference.

We will pull through challenges if we make the Gospel of Jesus Christ the center of our lives.

Mormon Tabernacle finishes things up with “We Thank Thee O’ God For a Prophet.”



  1. Pres. Eyring is getting choked up. Blake, watch out! 🙂

  2. Blake Surerus says:

    Forgiveness does not always come quickly….but it comes.

  3. Blake Surerus says:

    So no turning down any callings.

  4. Blake Surerus says:

    Pres. Eyring always has such tender stories about his parents.

  5. “Well it is over isn’t it?” 🙂

  6. Blake Surerus says:

    Wow, he only heard his mom cry twice!?

  7. Blake Surerus says:

    We need the help of God AND time to become polished.

  8. Blake Surerus says:

    This is a pretty amazing promise from President Cannon. He has prepared a way for each of us to achieve salvation. He has also provided angels to keep watch over us.

  9. Blake Surerus says:

    Here come the tears.

  10. Blake Surerus says:

    Get ready for a talk on religious freedom here.

  11. Blake Surerus says:

    Political correctness. Boom!

  12. Blake Surerus says:

    Sounds like this is the Church’s response to the DOMA ruling in June.

  13. Blake Surerus says:

    I read this study. I wonder how much is due to economy and not decaying moral standards.

  14. To be honest, like Elder Christopherson’s talk, I will hold off on comment on specifics of this talk. To be honest, I think there are a range of religious AND secular reasons to worry about some of these trends.

  15. Ah, gay marriage. Not a matter of whether he would talk about it, but when.

    • Blake Surerus says:

      There is danger in focusing only on the gay marriage aspect. There also needs to be a discussion of the nature of homosexuality. I can see how many people will use this talk to justify their decision to treat LGBT individuals improperly.

  16. Blake Surerus says:

    Wow! Are you a moral coward? Strong language.

  17. But how is free religious exercise being infringed? This has not been clearly explain to me.

  18. Blake Surerus says:

    I cannot even fathom being a poor widow and be asked to give up your child.

  19. Blake Surerus says:

    This principle of exercising faith before living a commandment was a major struggle for those I taught on my mission.

  20. Blake Surerus says:

    New morality=Old immorality

  21. Blake Surerus says:

    I really do think the new youth teaching program is a step above the previous plan. Allows youth to learn the gospel in their own way.

  22. Blake Surerus says:

    Shorter Sis. Oscarson: You can’t convert someone else beyond your own conversion.

  23. Blake Surerus says:

    Rest hymn!

  24. Blake Surerus says:

    Sidenote: Elder Scott was one of the three Apostles I met on my mission. I remember that he was very short.

  25. Blake Surerus says:

    Do you think we saw in the pre-existence the things that we would have to go through to be saved?

  26. Blake Surerus says:

    Quality of our eternal future is dependent on our personal endurance in this life.

  27. Basketball!!!

  28. Blake Surerus says:

    Which is more difficult physical endurance or spiritual endurance?

  29. Blake Surerus says:

    Darn, I have been doing this whole conditioning thing wrong!

  30. That is a powerful family history story! Wow.

  31. Blake Surerus says:

    This story seems like it is really designed for those who have lost missionaries this past year.

  32. My wife mentioned that Sister Mayne (left behind with the 8 children) is also a hero to remember.

  33. Blake Surerus says:

    Hear that. Idaho youth are impressive.

  34. Blake Surerus says:

    Elder Scott talking about the Atonement. A good combination.

  35. Blake Surerus says:

    The story of the people of Ammon goes to show how covenants may or may not extend to future generations.

  36. Blake Surerus says:

    The Lord sees weaknesses different than rebellion.

  37. Blake Surerus says:

    Elder Scott pointing out that we need to build fortifications against the memory of our past guilt.

  38. Blake Surerus says:

    Repentance is NOT punishment.

  39. Blake Surerus says:

    Fill your life with service to others.

  40. Blake Surerus says:

    Elder Scott’s talk proving once again that every word of the Book of Mormon is important, even the war chapters.

  41. Blake Surerus says:

    This song gives me goosebumps.

  42. Blake Surerus says:

    President Monson is a journal keeper.

  43. Blake Surerus says:

    Behind every great Priesthood holder is an even better woman.

  44. Blake Surerus says:

    Has Shem commented about Pres. Monson’s ears yet?

  45. Blake Surerus says:

    Pres. Monson is the go to person when it comes to giving deathbed comfort.

  46. Blake Surerus says:

    That is amazing faith to ask for a blessing that you can’t even hear.

  47. We lost or cable feed…right after Pres. Monson said, “Amen.” Hmmm 🙂

  48. “We Thank Thee O’ God For a Prophet.”

  49. Blake Surerus says:

    Lots of great counsel in this session. I can’t wait for the afternoon session.

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