I Love Pearl Jam: Eddie Vedder’s Critique of Guns

Eddie Vedder, of the rock band Pearl Jam, offers a Utilitarian assessment of the gun situation in American society:


In many ways, Vedder’s thoughts remind me of the philosopher Jeff McMahan’s argument that I looked at back in May.

Vedder’s argument about guns is not particularly articulate or sophisticated (and he can be both). However, it very much mirrors my sentiments about guns.

In March, I referred to the gun culture of Wyoming as a a form of cultural psychosis. It is a form of psychosis that reaches far beyond Wyoming.

In the grand cultural divide, I will take Eddie Vedder over Ted Nugent any day. The above clip reminds me why.

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  1. The interesting part about this issue is that we either discuss mental health or we discuss guns. As if one or the other is the only solution. I think the true answer lies in making sure people feel comfortable in discussing and getting help for mental health issues. I also think that there has to be a way to limit ammunition capacity while not restricting the freedom to own a gun.

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