No, Sen. Coburn the correct term is “badass.”

Politico reports that Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) referred to the Senate Majority Leader an “absolute a—hole” during a fundraising gala in New York City on Monday.

While apologizing for using the word, Coburn insists the frustration is real.

I understand frustration with the current political climate and there are no shortage of a–holes in either party. However, I think in all that frustration, Sen. Coburn may have gotten his words mixed up.

Back in July, Benny Johnson of Buzzfeed did a story about “7 Badass Things You Should Not Forget About Harry Reid.” The article looks at Reid’s tough early years growing up in Searchlight, Nevada, his time as a young boxer, his clashes with the mob while on the Nevada Gaming Commission, and how he worked as a Capitol Police Officer so he could support his family while attending law school at George Washington University.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)

Benny Johnson concludes his article saying that Reid “…is kind of a badass.”

In light of Sen. Coburn’s remarks, I would contend that Harry Reid is an absolute badass, especially after the way in which Reid handled the government shutdown. With an ineffective White House, an out of control House of Representatives, and a GOP minority in the Senate that was heavily hampered by the likes of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, resolving the crisis largely fell on the shoulders of the Senate Majority Leader. Working with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to resolve the crisis, Reid and McConnell seemed to be among the few adults in the Washington, DC circus.

Worse has been said about Harry Reid than what Tom Coburn said. But the Senator from Oklahoma better watch out. Reid knows how to land a punch, both in the boxing ring and the political ring.

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  1. At Coburn’s age his works are probably mixed up too, but I think you meant his words.

    I don’t think the White House was ineffective in this. Their role was to stand firm against efforts to tie the ACA to the CR and debt ceiling while still showing willingness to talk about matters relevant to the CR and debt ceiling. They pulled that off very well. Since this was a legislative crisis, it was appropriate for the legislature to lead in the negotiations.

    • Oops, I fixed the typo. The White House is generally ineffective. I am not sure if that is their fault, or if it is just the nature of the current climate and larger political structure issues.

  2. is anyone else curious about why Sen. Coburn is here in my neighborhood (NYC} instead of Oklahoma City or Tulsa with his constituents? Senators seem increasingly confused about who their constituents are, and their frequent pilgrimages to Wall Street to bow before mammon and back up the bribe truck for a new loading should unsettle us all, and certainly THAT profanity should get more coverage than the occasional verbal obscenity.


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