What Would You Ask The #SisterWives Family?

The Brown Family: Janelle, Christine, Kody, Meri, and Robyn.

I will be interviewing Janelle, Christine, Meri, Robyn, and Kody later this week.

I have written about them, and polygamy in general, quite a bit lately.

What question or questions would you ask the family made famous by TLC’s Sister Wives?

I will ask as many questions submitted in the comment section below as time allows.

Sorry, questions left on Facebook or Twitter do not count.

What would you like to know?

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  1. Why on the show, during a panel discussion did they announce they were / are Mormon? Why make a show about pural marriage? We have enough issues with marriage not being between a man and woman; we dont need people thinking that lots of spouses is ok. Why are they enforcing good marriage values to their children and saying that they want their children to “choose” pural marriage when they grow up.

  2. I was surprised at Kody’s lack of male friends. Is this a trend in polygamous families? It can’t just be an issue of “no time” — we all end up making time for what is important to us with our 24 hours a day.
    We’ve never been given an explanation of Kody’s employment/career except to hear that he is in “sales.” Why the mystery? What does he do for a living? He was driving a fancy sports car and supporting 4 wives and their children even before the TV show started.
    While watching the latest discussion on college/tuition costs, it was hinted that each wife has an equal amount of money to spend each month/year. Meri was asked to give some of her budget to the wives with children still at home who would need help with college, which prompted her usual angst at just having one child. How could the budgets be “equal” when the circumstances of each home vary so much?
    Kody asked each of the wives on a recent outing whether they would remain an intact “family” if he died. Religious sealings aside, can one really expect a group of widows/children to remain unchanged when the main bonding element no longer exists? What if one of the wives remarries? Does he have life insurance policies such that all four families could continue as an intact group on the cul-de-sac?
    Are the issues they confront on their shows real issues or are some played out for the cameras? I couldn’t quite believe that on the trip to the gift shop with the mother/mothers-in-law that Kody didn’t/couldn’t understand the concept that each wife needs a gift of somewhat equal value on a collective holiday such as Mother’s Day. Birthdays are a different creature. But Mother’s Day, when everyone will be opening their gifts together?
    Why the frequent mention of the LDS Church? If they have left it all behind since it is not the “true” church, why the repeated references? Why so many shots of Kody on his mission every season? If they are so secure in their faith, why not promote that faith instead of consistently referring to “the Mormon this” and “the Mormon that”? And why the reference to polygamy as “the principle” instead of just calling it what it is — polygamy? Is this sugar-coated reference just for their TV audience?
    I think my brain is dead at this point!!!

  3. The question I would ask is: I assume Kody “directs” the spiritual life, but are there times when the women feel a need to “correct” one another’s spiritual expression? Are there resentments that arise around that? Are there outward ways that they all feel they have to prove their spiritual depth?

  4. I am not really familiar with the show but:

    If the LDS church allowed plural marriage again due to the de-illegalization of their situation would they rejoin the church?

    What do they think of the Polyamory movement which their show has done a huge amount to promote and make acceptable the consideration of? Taking that one further, would they consider polyamory with the all the wives marrying each other as well as the husband (which would be an interesting feed-back loop)?

  5. Kudos to this family! We are a very critical society, always looking for faults. The Browns have been brave, attempting to put a new face onto plural marriage. They are normal, good people, who happen to believe many of the same religious beliefs that I do .

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