A New Approaching Justice

After a year at Patheos, I am moving Approaching Justice to a new home.

I am very grateful to the owners and staff at Patheos for the privilege of blogging at their site. I have made a lot of friends, especially with other bloggers at the various Patheos faith channels. I look forward to continuing those relationships.

This move is driven by two motives.

New Format

One motive is my desire to move Approaching Justice from being a blog to being an online magazine.

At Approaching justice, we will still have blog-style content, but there will be greater focus on full-length articles. To start, we will have 3 full articles a week with smaller blog posts each day (including our new “Daily Video” series). This will expand as Approaching Justice obtains more resources and additional contributors.

Approaching Justice will also be having a weekly podcast. It will be titled “The Podcast of Curious Workmanship” and my first guest will be Margaret Blair Young.

I have a few others already in the planning. Please let me know in the comments below any topics or questions you would like us to tackle. Also, please recommend any guests you might have in mind.

With the move from Patheos, I will continue my focus on Mormonism and religion. However, I hope to also have more content about public affairs and culture.

A New Venture

I think we can call the second motive the entrepreneurial spirit.

Does that sound weird coming from me as a political lefty with a postmodern approach to religion? It might. But it comes from a desire to more freely create and express ideas.

Like any publication, whether online or not, this means that Approaching Justice will need to have advertisers and subscribers to support the operations of the publication. Please consider subscribing for $2 a month. This often raises the question of whether there will be a pay wall at Approaching Justice. No, there will not be. It just means that I hope to produce a product that readers will support.

If subscribing is not in the cards for you right now, reading, commenting on the site, and sharing articles and posts helps immensely.

If you can support Approaching Justice by advertising with us, please email me at approachingjustice@gmail.

This also means that I will be hitting both the physical and virtual pavement to get sponsors. With that, of course, I will be working hard to create strong and original content that will attract and keep those sponsors.

The photo that I am using as the Approaching logo is a picture I took of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming.2013-03-05 14.03.43

Devils Tower was designated the first National Monument in the United States by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. In Wyoming, it is a majestic landmark in the midst of desolation.

When my family and I visited Devils Tower a year ago, it was a time of healing and solidarity as we looked to our future together.

That future has taken us now to Las Vegas. On Monday, with the official launch of the new Approaching Justice, the adventure will continue.

I hope you will join me.


Chris Henrichsen

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