“Doesn’t it bother you that your husband is sleeping with four other women?”

My Five Wives is returning to TLC for their first full season on March 9.

Here is the TLC spot promoting their upcoming season:

I will be interviewing Nonie, Robyn, Brady, Paulie, Rhonda, & Rosemary Williams between now and the season premiere. Keep an eye on Approaching Justice for updates.

Nonie, Robyn, Brady, Paulie, Rhonda, & Rosemary (Source: TLC)

Nonie, Robyn, Brady, Paulie, Rhonda, & Rosemary (Source: TLC)

What questions do you have for the Williams family? Let me know in the comments below. I am hoping to do both a podcast with them as well an article about the show.

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  1. Okay, I’ll bite based on the heading. Beyond sleeping with four other women, does it matter about the timing of sex? I mean, I suppose they rotate nights, so that Brady could have sex with a distinct wife just about five nights in a row. But why limit it to once a day? Presuming he’s got the sexual prowess, does it matter if he has sex with all five in one day? What if several of the women are ovulating at the same time (as is want to occur with women living together) and trying to get pregnant. Does he try to have sex with as many of them as he can handle? That’s getting pretty personal, but something I’ve wondered even with BY and others. All those wives in the Lion House, with thin walls between the bedrooms. What would have been like to know your husband was having sex with a sister wife right next door? Or, did BY have a master bedroom and wives would come to him? Same kind of thing with Brady. I think they live in a compound of sorts (maybe I’m thinking of Kodi Brown) so I just wonder how all the logistics are handled.

  2. Is there room under their understanding of fidelity for the Wives to have intimate/ sexual experiences with others.

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