How Dead is the Republican Party?

2014-02-02 10.48.00

The fellow liberal who attends the ward that shares the Tropicana Chapel (in Las Vegas) with my ward has updated her bumper stickers. I wrote last July about how her car was a pleasant welcome to Las Vegas after moving from Wyoming.

How can one beat a partisan play on baptisms for the dead…right?

Is the Republican Party really dead?

While their presidential prospects are dim for the near future, the veto by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer of the controversial bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against gays on religious grounds shows that the business/establishment wing of the party still has some pull. While I am not a fan of the business wing of the GOP, they do play an important role in checking extreme anti-gay measures, as well as checking kooky efforts like trying to ban the United Nations. They are also the pro-immigrant wing of the GOP. Without a functioning business wing, the GOP will not survive (particularly in the era of the Clinton/Obama Democratic Party which is very comfortable with Wall Street).

Now, the Republican Party is very strong is some ways. They still control the United States House of Representatives and it does not look like a Democrat will be in the Speaker seat anytime soon. While I do not think they will take over the U.S. Senate this year, they are very much within striking distance.

The Republican Party has certain geographical strengths, as do the Democrats. To the extent that the GOP is dead in states like Vermont and California, the Democratic Party is dead in states like Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and much of the deep South. That said, in the Electoral College game, having California in the solid Democrat column  goes a long ways. As does the recent development of states like Nevada and Colorado appearing to be more and more Democratic, especially in presidential elections.

However, in the fight for social justice the White House only goes so far. It is great for rhetorical victories, but the U.S. House is where it is at when it comes to government spending and reform.

The GOP is not dead. As long as they control the House, they will still have life. Sadly, the  Democratic Party does not have the tools to change that in the near future.

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  1. Gotta love that joke, though! After the kerfuffle over the proxy baptisms awhile back the humor here is really too funny!! Even a few LDS GOP/TParty types have got to be giggling a bit! Me? I actually howled! I truly needed some political humor, and there’s been little to be had. Thanks!

    • I liked your post and LOVED your picture. I need to find myself one of those bumper stickers. Reblogged. (I hope you don’t mind!)

  2. All this is . A party or club or gang.. Mostly gang are fighting for territory and power. They have forgotten what and whom they are fighting for. And most of the American Citizens are standing back trying to make a life changing choice. And honestly trying to discern who is for us and who is against us. You see we gave the most empowering piece of the Constitution limiting terms.Eventually the young will challenge the old.That is Human nature .

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