Chris’ Video Theory Journal: Moral Relativism

In the above video, I address morality and moral relativism. In particular, I argue against embracing moral relativism merely because of how some utilize the concept. In doing so, I draw upon both Immanuel Kant (of course) and Utilitarian.

Daniel L. Belnap, a religion professor at Brigham Young University wrote an essay titled “The Book of Mormon and Modern Moral Relativism” in the February 2014 editions of the Ensign Magazine, the official magazine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

As a friend noted recently, moral relativism in this case is largely a reference to homosexuality and gay marriage. Surely that part of what Belnap is referring to, though it could also be referring to a range of other concerns (I imagine Belnap might include abortion).

Belnap also seems to intertwine, or use interchangeably, absolute moral rules and absolute metaphysical truth. I have little use for either concept and universal moral principals do not rely on either one.

Chris Gowan notes in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy that moral relativism  “has the unusual distinction—both within philosophy and outside it—of being attributed to others, almost always as a criticism, far more often than it is explicitly professed by anyone.”

See here for a detailed analysis of the rape culture issue that I made a passing reference to in the video.

Yes, I am wearing a Batman t-shirt in the video.

Any questions or comments are welcome below.

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