Mitt Romney was Right About Russia.

Well, nobody is wrong all the time.

See Isaac Chotiner’s article at The New Republic:

Being correct about the problem of Russia does not mean that Romney would have or could have handled things any better. To be honest, what Romney might have done is completely irrelevant at this point.

Of course, many Romney supporters feel that this justifies a sense of “I told you so.” As we all know, the proper response the an international crisis is partisan idiocy.

For the most part, issues like Ukraine remind me of how little I know. There is never a simple answer.

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  1. Of course, insofar as Romney (and other Republicans _and_ Democrats) view the international community through the lenses of geopolitics and statism, they are foundationally incorrect. Greens and various socialist groups have a much more defensible, moral, and ultimately peace-building view of the world; libertarians less so, but even they see the world better than Republicrats.

    I would be disappointed to see this site pay too much attention to mainstream politicians who already get plenty of attention from the mainstream media. You’re in a unique position to remind people that there are alternatives.

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