Women and Moral Development

Carol Gilligan is a educational psychologist and moral theorist who has had a great impact on the field of moral psychology. In particular, she has challenged the male-centric idea that abstraction and principle are better frameworks for moral thinking than more relationship-based moral reasoning.

Here Gilligan explains briefly her research:

In my most recent post at Times and Seasons, I address my feelings about women and the priesthood. My own more relationship-based moral reasoning leads me to be uncomfortable with both the status quo…as well as many of the arguments for female ordination advanced by the voices of Ordain Women.


  1. Josh Slagowski says:

    Awesome interview. Have you looked into the Kohlberg-Giligan dialogue/debate/controversy?

    • I have a bit. More as background to the ethic of care and the care critique of how John Rawls outlines moral development (largely following Kohlberg) in A Theory of Justice…which was the subject of my master’s paper.

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