If R. Gary Ran BYU…

If R. Gary ran the LDS Church Education policy, Brighham Young University might have a similar policy.

Luckily, that is not the case.

Be sure to check out this article by Dave Banack about Mormonism at the Scopes Trial. The school addressed in the New Republic article is named after William Jennings Bryan, the American political icon and one of the anti-evolution prosecutors in the Scopes Trial. Banack addresses a number of reasons why LDS institutions (and Mormons in general) do not have the same issues now facing Bryan College.

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  1. It is interesting that you post a tweet that has a link to an article that believes religion should be eradicated and replaced by science. Where does that leave your faith other than in question.

    • In question? My faith is fine. I hope the tweet didn’t cause you a faith crisis. Of course, I know you would prefer articles arguing for the eradication of gays. Sorry to disappoint.

  2. At leats with R. Gary he backs up every statement with actual scripture and doctrine. Evolutionists only wish they could- they have to twist the truth and give their own disclaimers when they teach doctrines. I kind of wich R. Gary were in charge. At least then we would get a clear idea on what really is official LDS doctrine.

  3. Unfortunately the comparison is specious and not even an intructive parallel. There is very little that can be called doctrinal in the Church regarding such matters. BYU is properly an academic center, making an active contribution to understanding of science, as well as the public square. The two functions resolve to be complementary, not conflicting.

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