There should be a Buzzfeed Quiz called “What Type of Religious Feminist are You?”

No, not really. There should not be anymore Buzzfeed quizzes. However, I just read the profile of Kate Kelly by Laura Marostica in Buzzfeed from last week. Kelly is the DC-area human rights lawyer who heads Ordain Women.

I think the profile gives a pretty comprehensive look at what Kate Kelly and Ordain Women are doing and why.

The organized effort to attend the Priesthood Session at General Conference is likely best understood in the context of this line:

This problem, for Kelly, requires not a blog post or an online petition. It needs physical presence; it needs truth-to-power conversation.

The profile is rather long, but well worth taking a look at. Clearly, there is need for more understanding and less judgement on this matter. Even (if not especially) by me.

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