For or Against Female Ordination…Watch This!

In the following video, Kate Kelly of Ordain Women, blogger and author Julie M. Smith, and Neylan McBaine of the Mormon Women Project, discuss female ordination, Ordain Women, and recent events.

These three women each present amazing perspectives. In a conversation that often gets got up in memes, straw men (and women), and trolls (see the “why don’t you join the Community of Christ” commenter on the video), this video models the type of discussions that we should be having on this issue…and all issues.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Jennifer Napier-Pearce hosted the discussion. Check it out:

I think this video is very much a primer in Mormon feminism, with many of the strains of feminist thought being represented, reflected, and expressed.

I found myself inspired by Kate, Julie, and Neylan as I watched and listened to this. I also found myself humbled by it.

Here is a link to Ordain Women.

Here is a link to Julie’s Times and Seasons post.

Here is a link to the Mormon Women Project.

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  1. Thanks, I would never have seen this otherwise.

    Honestly, I don’t know anyone IRL who is against ordination, including myself. If the church so decided, we would all jump onboard. Being for or against OW is a different matter.

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