This Girl is Excited about Saturday’s General Women’s Meeting

Geneva is 8. Oh, and she is super excited about the General Women’s meeting. Why? Because it is for her! If she is invited, she is going.

And she will not let her mother forget.

Geneva (8) at a recent award ceremony at her school.

Geneva (8) at a recent award ceremony at her school.

What else is that day?

“I think we are feeding the missionaries on the 29th,” my wife Lyndee mentioned to me as we relaxed after church last Sunday.

“Yeah, they mentioned that when I went out with them last week,” I responded.

“I also have my Pampered Chef party that morning,” Lyndee added.

“What else is that day?” Geneva interjected. She clearly had something in mind.

“I am not sure,” I said. After all, there is always something else on Saturday at our house.

“You know, the thing on television…at church…for girls!” Geneva reminded us with beaming smile on her face.

The General Women’s Meeting! Geneva is going with her mother (mom does not have a choice now) to the dinner before the broadcast at the Stake Center and to the broadcast itself. She is not going to miss it.

All Baptized Women and Girls

The announcement last November that the annual Young Women’s meeting and the annual Relief Society meeting would be merged into a biannual General Women’s meeting came about a month after Geneva’s baptism. One of the changes in the meeting format was that it would include all female members over the age of eight. In other words, all female baptized members of the Church.

Geneva loves to be included. She also loves events, especially events for her…and this is for her and she knows it. She even pointed it out to me in our weekly ward bulletin before church services last Sunday.

“That is for me,” she whispered to me with a confident smile.

Some might wonder if these types of broadcasts are a good fit for young girls like Geneva. But she is convinced that she is up for it and she is the most determined person I know. She will be in her best dress and she will be beaming. I do not think most of us feel that way about meetings anymore, but Geneva will not let that get in her way.


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  1. She is such a sweetheart. I wish I could get excited about meetings like this…… But since it is my birthday, I have opted to spend the evening with my children and grandchildren. I wish a had a good excuse like this for other meetings!!

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