This Is My Kind of Scouting

While I am not good at camping, I am the perennial citizenship membership merit badge counselor and I am currently the assistant scoutmaster in my boy’s troop.

As a teacher and blogger, I am primarily a user of technology. I do not understand the technology, science, physics, or math behind the software or the hardware, but I very much appreciate it.

From that context, I was pleased to see the announcement of this new merit badge:

Bryan on Scouting reports these limited details about the new merit badge:

As for Digital Technology MB,

I can’t reveal the requirements just yet, but I can say they’ll include a Scout showing his merit badge counselor an up-to-date Cyber Chip. That’s a requirement a Scout could complete now, if he wanted to be one-ninth of the way done. (And, besides, earning the Cyber Chip is a good idea for any Scout — even if he’s not yet working on a merit badge that requires it.)

Other requirements will cover the Internet, smartphones, content creation on digital devices and much more. Potential merit badge counselors, get ready for Digital Technology to debut in mid-April.

These are not the types of things that I can teach, but they the kinds of things that will directly appeal to my boys. They are why I am interested in Scouting and they are why I support it.

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