April Fund Drive: Maybe a Fool’s Errand…But Not an April Fool’s Joke

March was the biggest month ever at Approaching Justice (including the year at Patheos).

In March, we passed our previous record for views by fifty percent. Much of that traffic was due to my post about young egalitarian Mormons and their struggles within the faith.

Since launching an independent Approaching Justice in February, we have left no sacred cow untouched. Whether it has been exposing online hoaxes about gay bullying,  responding to attempts to marginalize polygamy, or even a post that touched on both gay marriage and birth control, I have touched a range on uncomfortable topics.  At Approaching Justice, we strive to be thoughtful rather than popular.

We have also had a number of more light-hearted posts, whether it has been reflecting on the prospects of a Mormon Jimmy Carter, the connection between food storage and the zombie apocalypse, or theology from Louis C.K.

In public affairs, Approaching Justice has touched on public banking and immigration.

Dwight Welch has been offering us weekly columns on the liberal religious experience.

Andrew H., our music editor, is regularly chiming in at Approaching Justice about music and books.

April will be another big month. Not only will I be covering LDS General Conference live from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, but the first half of April will also be the spring edition of the biannual Approaching Justice Fund Drive.

I need your help. For Approaching Justice to thrive and grow, I need you support. What I am asking the friends and readers of Approaching Justice to do is to donate $5 or $10 to Approaching Justice.

I hate asking for money. I didn’t like doing it as a political candidate…and I wasn’t very good at it.

I believe in Approaching Justice. I hope you can support me and Approaching Justice by choosing one of the links below:

To contribute $5, go to this link: btn_donateCC_LG



To contribute $10, go to this link: btn_donateCC_LG



Thank you for helping us move forward. Like the fund drive at your local public radio station, we will be coming back to the drive regularly along with our regular content now through April 15.



Chris Henrichsen

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