Go Utes! #utes #alexsmith

The above tweet with a picture of Coach Kyle Kyle Whittingham and Alex Smith brought back of wave of good memories. Mostly memories about my son Shem.

Shem (12) and I are both big fans of University of Utah football. Alex Smith was the quarterback at Utah during my three years of graduate school there.

Shem was quite young during those days. But from a very young age, football and the Utes have been important to him…even more than they are to me.

“Which team is the Utes?” was a question that a young Shem asked no matter whether it was NCAA or NFL football on the television.

Shem is now a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs because of Alex Smith. He was the same way with the San Francisco 49ers.

We are mostly focus on baseball right now, both with the beginning of Shem’s little league and the start of the Major League Baseball, but still…Go Utes!

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