Priesthood Session Discussion Thread: “Can You Hear The People Sing?” Edition #ldsconf

Welcome to our live discussion thread of the Priesthood session of the 184th General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I will be on my iPad at the Nevada Las Vegas Paradise Stake with my sons and my father-in-law.

Yes, I live in Paradise.

Please leave your thoughts, comments, or observations about the session in the comments below. Disagreement is welcome. Agreement is welcome. As is humor, joy, and the occasional snark…but in moderation. Also, feel free to respond to the other comments on the thread. If you disagree, explain why.

Welcome and thanks! If you are looking for an online feed of the session, it can be found here.




  1. Chris, at least you don’t live in prison. 🙂

  2. BYU-Idaho represent!

  3. Hello, everyone…or anyone. I am at the Nevada Las Vegas Paradise Stake. Where are you watching priesthood session?

  4. It looks like Ordain Women went down similar to last time…with bigger numbers,

  5. Elder Oaks. I am expecting fewer fireworks than last time.

  6. Interesting choice of words he used about how keys and authority of priesthood bless men and women.

  7. This is the Ordain Woman response…no?

  8. Is this new doctrine what Elder Oaks said about Joseph Smith not receiving all priesthood keys? If not, does anyone have a scripture reference?

  9. Church hierarchy does not have the authority to change the all male priesthood. — Elder Oaks.

  10. So not all authority in the Church is tied to the Priesthood? Makes sense.

  11. It would make more sense for this talk to be given in a general session.

  12. I love how he just said “rights”. I get the sense that he has a negative view of the concept of human made “rights:.

  13. So womanhood=the priesthood?

  14. Why the dig at human rights? As a Kantian liberal I understand the connection with human obligation.

  15. BARF

  16. Put away childish thjngs…not I feel bad about wearing my converse shoes to priesthood session. Not really.

  17. Our most important priesthood duty….serving our wife and children.

  18. UConn beat Florida 63-53. FYI

  19. Worthiness is such an amorphous concept. I wish there was a talk about that subject.

  20. Haha. I see what he did there. The “choice” generation.

  21. You can accomplish amazing tweeting during #ldsconf

  22. My cyber book of life includes a lot of Twitter, Facebook, and Buzzfeed.

  23. So is repentance like a “delete browser history” button?

  24. Stay safe on the internet. Only read Approaching Justice. Am I the only one who heard it that way?

  25. “Be where you are, when you are there”.

  26. Using a smart phone does not make you smart. However, a iPad does #fyi

  27. I am gonna have to read Rip Van Winkle.

  28. Are you sleeping through the Restoration?

  29. So the theme of this session…don’t be selfish.

  30. Making the narrator and I wait this late for some Uchtdorf is #notcool #ldsconf

  31. Breaking: Pres. Utchdorf calls us the “narcissistic generation”

  32. Hugs against selfishness.

  33. Addictions are easier to prevent than to cure.

  34. Oh to be the person conducting the background check on Monson and Utchdorf.

  35. “Dieter, don’t even think about it.” Best moment of the day.

  36. Oh to be the person who conducted the background check on Monson and Utchdorf.

  37. Another plug for ARP.

  38. Loving God and our neighbor is more important than Church service. Love. It.

  39. I knew it. Pres. Eyring is a Yankee’s fan. 🙂

  40. Shem loves baseball! This is his first priesthood session as a deacon! He is sitting by his grandpa who as a freshman at Stanford had Pres. Eyring as a bishop.

  41. “By seeking praise for our service in this world, we may forfeit our blessings in heaven”

  42. If you find yourself where you shouldn’t ought to be, GET OUT!

  43. A little tease by Pres. Monson with the NCAA reference there.

  44. Jabari Parker! This session is totally be tailored for Shem.

  45. I love this story about the Prophet Joseph.

  46. He left out the “Ye fiends of the infernal pit” part

  47. Priesthood Session….by far the best session so far.

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