Baptism, Torture, and Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin will never be mistaken for a deep thinker. While she may be more of an idiot than she is dangerous, she is now appealing to some of the most horrific historical aspects of Christian imperial brutality.

Really? Yep. Here it is:

And she is standing by her lunacy:

Some of my favorite responses:

Of course, there also has to be the sarcastic liberal Mormon response:

While Palin is likely unaware of the extent to which this comment evokes images of the Crusades, she is showing a dark-side of an American political and religious ideology which combines zeal with a disdain for depth and intellectual thought. We see it everywhere. Palin just doesn’t try to hide it.

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  1. So I guess napalm in Vietnam was the equivalent of the holy spirit decending at Pentacost? I could keep going with the jokes, but I’m serious making myself sick.

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