College Grads are Less Likely to Get Divorced

Libby Nelson at has taken a look at what studies tell us about college graduates. They are more likely to vote. They are less likely to smoke…but more likely to drink.

They are also more likely to get married and less likely to get divorced:

Of course, this does not mean that a college education is the cure for divorce or anything like that. I think it shows that the socio-economic stability that can come from having a college education strengthens relationships. Since financial stability is often viewed as a prerequisite for marriage, that might be a reason from why college graduates are more likely to get married.

We often hear voices on the right emphasize family structure as the key to addressing poverty and other social ills. At the same time, people like Charles Murray are out there saying the a college education is not for everyone. I have taught at the college-level for a decade now, and I know that college is not for everyone. However, I am often amazed by my students and their ability to thrive despite challenges and obstacles.

If college graduation provides for more stable economic and family life, we need to more seriously address and tackle issues about college cost, access, and student loan burden. We must be sure that wealth is not the primary gateway to higher education.

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