Hanging Laundry

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We hang our laundry out to dry for a number of reasons. One, it is better for the environment. Two, it saves us a little bit on our electric bill. Three (and the main reason), our dryer no longer works very well.

I have come to enjoy the time I spend hanging the clothes. Before Lyndee leaves for her first grade class each morning, she will start a load of laundry. That means that on most days I will go out to the back patio and hand the laundry on the line.

Often times, those minutes hanging laundry are the most peaceful and reflective time of my day. It is a break from the feelings of stress and panic that I regularly feel.

As I hang my children’s clothes, I am reminded of the cute moments we share as a family. I am reminded of what matters most.

I am learning to enjoy the simple moments of everyday chores as I struggle to answer the big questions.

When all the items of the load are pinned to the line, I return to writing, grading, and whatever the world throws at me.

Tomorrow, another load will be waiting.

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  1. Four, you live in a region where the humidity is low enough that molds won’t grow on your clothes while you wait.

  2. As a dedicated clothes hanger (when the weather permits) I am surprised more people out west don’t hang out their laundry. Oh to be able to hang a load and take it down when the next load is ready instead of the mold growing scenario. And you hit the reflective part spot on.

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