That Idaho GOP Debate looked familiar….

Partially because I have seen crazy Idaho GOP debates before (they have a regular state-wide candidate who has legally changed his name to Pro-Life).

However, it mostly looked familiar because it was a lot like my first and last experience as a candidate in a televised debate. My debate even had the candidate wearing leather and a slightly nutty older guy.

In my earlier post about this debate, I noted the following:

The real story of the debate ended up being the three minor party candidates…They really added a certain level of entertainment to the debate. While they allowed me to seem like the only non-extremist in the group, they also became a distraction. The debate ended up being about them.

This was the case in Idaho and that seemed to be what Idaho Governor Butch Otter was hoping for. By insisting on debating the two fringe candidates along with his more serious challenger, state Senator Russ Fulcher, Otter undercut any attempts by Fulcher to make the narrative about Fulcher. Well played.

If you have not yet seen it, here is this weeks Idaho GOP debate:

My favorite memory from my debate is this observation about the show by Nate Oman, a law professor at the College of William and Mary:

“I know Chris. He isn’t this reasonable in real life. TV makes him more reasonable. He may be one of the three people in America for whom this true.”

I need to get on TV more.

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