“Do you think God likes Baseball?”

I really liked the movie 42. I particularly liked the religious social justice themes advances by Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey as portrayed by Harrison Ford.

This clip was one of my favorite moments:


During the spring and early summer months, baseball is almost our family religion. Being part of baseball has taught us a lot about race, class, and gender. In many ways, one of the great values of sports is the way that it can bring us together despite the things which often divide us. This does not mean that sports are immune from those things. It just means that sports provide us another angle to perceive and conceptualize the world. Sports gives us an opportunity to deconstruct our paradigms and assumptions. Of course, sometimes it just reinforces them.

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  1. Not related directly to the clip, but your title made me think of the Kenneth Patchen Poem “The Origin of Baseball”

    Someone had been walking in and out
    Of the world without coming
    To much decision about anything.
    The sun seemed too hot most of the time.
    There weren’t enough birds around
    And the hills had a silly look
    When he got on top of one.
    The girls in heaven, however, thought
    Nothing of asking to see his watch
    Like you would want someone to tell
    A joke – “Time,” they’d say, “what’s
    That mean – Time?”, laughing with the edges
    Of their white mouths, like a flutter of paper
    In a mad house. And he’d stumble over
    General Sherman or Elizabeth B.
    Browning, muttering, “Can’t you keep
    Your big wings out of the aisle?” But down
    Again, there’d be millions of people without
    Enough to eat and men with guns just
    Standing there shooting each other.

    So he wanted to throw something
    And he picked up a baseball.

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