Violent Rhetoric Mixed With Ideological Madness Leads to Murder

Jarad Miller and his wife Amanda murdered three people here in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Yesterday, I wrote about early reports about their involvement with the militia standoff at the Bunkerville, NV ranch of Cliven Bundy.

It no longer appears that the couple moved to Nevada to join up with the militias at the Bundy Ranch, but they did participate in the standoff at the ranch.

It also turns out that Jarad Miller was interviewed by KRNV, the local NBC affiliate here in Las Vegas, at the Bundy ranch at he height of the standoff between right-wing extremist groups and the Bureau of Land Management.

Yesterday, I was particularly struck by this passage from Michael Austin’s post at IVN:

There are a lot of appropriate responses to yesterday’s shooting in Nevada, but surprise is not one of them. People like Jarad and Amanda Miller have been telling us for years that the government has become tyrannical and that it is the duty of true patriots to overthrow it.

These militia groups, abetted by gun-rights activists, have sold the country on a completely ahistorical and constitutionally incoherent reading of the Second Amendment as a right to take up arms against the government. They have announced their intentions as clearly as any terrorist group ever has.

So we don’t get to be surprised that some of them have started to do the sorts of things that they have been saying all along needed to be done. And those who have fanned the flame of this extreme anti-government rhetoric — for ratings, for political gain, or for their own entertainment while sitting in their parents’ basement trolling the Internet — bear some of the blame.

This is what the revolution they have been calling for looks like. It is ugly, cruel, and pointless. And there is no reason to believe it will not happen again.

While my impulse has been to dismiss the Bundys and their fellow travelers as delusional and harmless, I can no longer say that they are harmless.

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