Analytic Philosophy vs. Continental Philosophy

While this touches on some of the distinctions between the two styles of philosophy (analytic and continental), my guess is that is also over-simplifies and distorts those same distinctions.

Thoughts? Reactions? Comment below.

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  1. They probably should’ve titled that slide “How to unreflexively piss off continental philosophers.”

    I think a better describe the difference would be that analytic philosophers try to emulate the physical sciences in their methodology while continental philosophers are closer to social science. Thus, I think one group sacrifices social relevance for the sake of rigorous clarity while the converse is true of the other.

    • Jeff G, I think that it also over simplifies the interconnected relationship between “reason” and “emotion” by trying to split them apart. You have to care deeply to put the energy into thinking, because we live in a time when many people don’t even try to think about philosophy or ethics.

      Hannah Arendt posits that simply the lack of thought, and the lack of connecting our thoughts to our human emotions, has ushered in a time when evil no longer takes an evil will or a desire to inflict pain, only the willingness to not think too deeply. It seems that anyone who wants to argue that the chart is informative, (and the context seems to be a snarky way of saying that Analytic Philosophy is better off without any of the items on the other side) it also suggests that either side could truly be whole without the other.

      I just don’t accept that any philosophy can function with the divisions here. I hope that it is simply tongue in cheek.

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