Obnoxious and Disliked (Updated)


Dialogue editor Kristine Haglund recently compared me to the John Adams character in the play 1776. She said that I am “obnoxious and disliked.”

(Author’s Note: I have added the following paragraph for clarification)

Kristine was poking fun of how much work I put into my rather disagreeable online persona.  We were at the Mormon Scholars in the Humanities annual meeting this past Spring when I mentioned to another attendee that I did not get along with many of the primary actors within Ordain Women. This other attendee was surprised to hear this. That is when Kristine compared me to John Adams as he is portrayed in the play. As Kristine has emphasized since my original version of this post, it is not because she dislikes me. We are good friends. In fact, she even says that I am “rather likable” in real life.

Of course, John Adams was awesome. But my persona has not always served me well as a politician or even now as a blogger. I am not somebody who is universally loved…even by those who I am likely to agree with.

Well, this is who I am. I realize some people appreciate me more than others.

This month, Approaching Justice passed our all-time page view record and it is only August 11th!!! We are doing good things and I have grand dreams for the future.

Please consider supporting Approaching Justice by subscribing to make a $2 donation each month. We only have 3 subscribers at the moment (Update: We are now at 4!). I know that I am likely not supposed to mention that. However, I need your support to keep this operation going. By the end of August, I have a goal of getting our number of monthly subscribers up to 100.

Will you help me meet this goal? Thanks.

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  1. I have to wait for the new term to start, but I will share $24/$2 a month, of my scholarship money this year.

    Just don’t tell anyone. I am only supposed to spend it on tuition, books and professional subscriptions. 😉

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