Mr. Henrichsen or Mr. H.?


I have blogged as Chris H. and I have blogged at Chris Henrichsen.

Next week, I start my new career at a middle school reading teacher. I will be blogging about my experiences and I will be asking you, my readers, for help.

Today, I come to you with this dilemma:

Should I go by Mr. Henrichsen or Mr. H. in my classroom?

I know this is a silly question. But I am really torn. Does it matter? Have you heard anything one way or another about whether shortening my name would be a bad idea?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. “Mister H” sounds too hip to me. Teachers aren’t hip. So unless you’re going to embrace it and have the kids pronounce it “Mista ay-ayCH”; I’d go with with the full name.

  2. This is only my opinion, but it does comes informed from my personal experience working in a middle school and alternative high school, and having both parents and lots of family and friends who are teachers as well.

    Go with Mr. Heinrichsen, and then let the kids decide what way they want to change your name or give you a completely different nickname that comes from the way that thr kids see you. Nicknames come from all kinds of places, and not just your given name.

    One friend is Ms. GonnaGo, particularly from Gonzalez which is her last name, and partially because of the phrase, “Go before class or you are not gonna go to the bathroom until reading time is done.” It is something that she didn’t realize that she was saying it that often, until it got included in a rap one of her students wrote. It has become a part of her, including a wood shop project that became the sign over her door.

    Personally, I think you should let your persona as a teacher develop in whatever quirky ways it naturally does. 😉

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