Support for Gay Marriage on the Rise, Even in the Mountain West

The Pew Research Center is reporting that support for gay marriage is steadily climbing, even in regions where it still does not receive majority approval.

All regions have seen growing support for same-sex marriage over the past decade. For example, while 44% of people in the South now favor gay marriage, that number was just 25% in 2003. The 19-point increase is comparable to the growth in support in the East (21-point jump from 40% to 61%), Midwest (22 points, 30% to 52%) and West (18 points, 40% to 58%) over the same time span.

This trend also applies to the Mountain West, where support for gay marriage has gone from 41% to 50%.


This shift in attitudes about gay marriage is quite rapid, especially when compared to attitudes about interracial marriage. Vox demonstrates this in the following chart:


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