Stop the War on Black Friday!

Todd on Halloween wearing the Rick Grimes costume that he made himself.

Todd on Halloween wearing the Rick Grimes costume that he made himself.

Todd is worried about the war on Black Friday. It is his favorite holiday. He looks forward to it all year round.

Todd, my oldest child, is 14-years-old and a freshman in high school.

You might think that Christmas would be his favorite holiday. However, Todd knows that Santa Claus is not the source of Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts come from Black Friday.

Of course, Mom and Dad buy the gifts on Black Friday that he will eventually receive on Christmas, but Todd knows that Black Friday increases that likelihood of Todd receiving certain prime gifts.

Now, this does not mean that Todd will actually receive a game system for Christmas (I am pretty sure he will not). However, he realizes that a lower price point my improve his odds. It does improve his odds. But it is still not a sure thing.

Now, what about Thanksgiving? It is a traditional holiday. It is all about family, food, and football.

Let’s work backwards on that list:

Todd hates football. Not much to say about that, really.

Todd is a minimalist when it comes to food. He likes it, but not that much. And to be honest, turkey is rather dull. Pumpkin pie? Meh. Mashed potatoes? Yawn. Find Todd a holiday centered on Chinese food and get back with us.

Family is important to Todd. But he lives with his mother, father, brother, and sister. He spent a few weeks with one grandpa last summer and saw quite a bit of his cousins during that time. He sees other family a fair amount. Todd is just not that sentimental.

What about the encroachment on Thanksgiving by Black Friday with most Black Friday specials now starting on the evening of Thanksgiving Thursday? Well, Todd sees this as progress and possibly the most redeeming part of Thanksgiving. It now has Black Friday on it…this is the best scenario possible!

Is Todd thankful? Sure, he is thankful for Steve Jobs. He is thankful that his dad spends time with him at debate tournaments (I made that up…we are at a tournament as I write this). He tells me as I write this that he is not thankful for “seminary” or “homework.” He might be a bit callous and detached. He is a 14-year-old boy after all.

But he is thankful for Black Friday.

Todd Henrichsen: 21st Century Man.

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  1. As someone who avoids black Friday, but does not detest it, i believe you make a clear case for those in favor of the tradition. Cliche sayings such as “to each their own” are often spoken for a reason. I applaud your willingness to stand up for it.

  2. I found an error in tour post. Gifts do come from Santa as well as Black Friday.Gifts like underwear and socks. Parents would NEVER give such a gift.

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