Is Glenn Beck Having A Faith Crisis?

Glenn Beck at his 2010 Restoring Honor rally. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Glenn Beck at his 2010 Restoring Honor rally. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

From Glenn Beck’s Facebook page:

The world is upside down. For the first time in many years I have again begun to question EVERYTHING I think I know.

I read something so disappointing in a paper this am. I really no longer know who to trust. That includes me. I want to make sure I am not so arrogant that I just assume I am right. Because I am no longer sure.

I know I am right about what I see on the horizon. Just not so sure how to deal with it. I find myself angry with leaders. Business, political, religious. I know anger does not come from The Lord. I also know that I need to take the beam out of my own eye first.

Questioning. Not the destination. Just the route and my roll in mapping it.

It is good I guess.

I have been reading my scriptures a lot lately. I keep getting the same message. Man was created to serve God. So how best to do that with the job I have.

I have really come to a place where I have lost my faith in the men of cloth. That is really playing a big role in this. But I am sure they know better and certainly more than I do.

I have lost so much faith in man. Par for the course. Put your faith in God, not men.

A lot has happened to me over the last few months. Those I thought I could trust in my personal lives have taught me otherwise.

Maybe it is a flaw in me.

What is He trying to teach me?

Now that I have my brain in high gear again, I have begun to turn over stones at work. We had lost our way a bit. But the corrections are being made. We are once again aligning ourselves with principles that are immovable.

I am really excited about our new path. I recorded a company message that goes out to the team this am. I am excited to hear what they think as they begin to piece it together with me over the next six months. I am even more excited about spending more time with you one on one.

Yet, with all I see on the horizon and the way our leaders on all fronts are behaving, I wonder how much of a voice we have and perhaps how much of a voice we should have.

I know many of you don’t like it when I question what we are doing. I think it is healthy. Some perceive that I am losing hope. I am not. If patterns of my life remain true, there is a huge opening up of the skies coming.

I just hope it comes without much more of this.

Maybe The Lord is sending me into my desert. Maybe I am already there.

This mostly reads to me like Beck is having a bad day. However, it also read like Beck has had a falling out with his LDS Church leaders.

This quote particularly stands out to make me:

I have been reading my scriptures a lot lately. I keep getting the same message. Man was created to serve God. So how best to do that with the job I have.

I have really come to a place where I have lost my faith in the men of cloth. That is really playing a big role in this. But I am sure they know better and certainly more than I do.

I have lost so much faith in man. Par for the course. Put your faith in God, not men.

I have seen this before in right-wing Mormons. I am not talking about Mitt Romney fans, but the hard-core believers in their ideological cause. These are the people, like Beck, who have been amazed by the writing of Cleon Skousen. These are the people who wish Church leaders sounded more like Ezra Taft Benson did in the 1960s and 1970s.They find support for their cause within Mormon culture and Mormon thought. Yet, they become frustrated when local leaders, and the Church itself, does not take up their ideological crusade.

Of course, this could be about something personal. Such struggles and conflict are not limited to any ideology or perspective. Beck’s post is vague for sure.

To the extent that Beck seems to be expressing alienation, pain, and frustration, I wish him peace. I also hope he stays a part of the LDS fold. There is room for both him and me within Mormonism and the LDS Church.

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  1. You are a little more generous than me. I realize that you and I should be kicking out those who have very “conservative” members who wish to go back to the racism/exceptionalism of the past. I do not find that those who cling to those former beliefs, are generous enough to want us in the church.

    I think that those of us who have no desire to go back, but want to move forward and away from their beliefs are constantly under pressure to stop asking for more progressive interpretations of the gospel.

    I know many people who are worried about a swing to the right the next time there is a change of leadership. I hope that their worries are unfounded, but I do understand the worries. I think the fact that those worries exist in the first place is the larger problem.

    • The Church has always been led by prophets. If you see racism and inappropriate exceptionalism in the past, you have partial information. We have to believe that we are not only now led by a prophet, but that the early church was also. We don’t know all of the details of those days and why the Lord led us the way he did, but He did lead our early members by a prophet. If we can’t accept that, we will eventually stop following our current prophet.

  2. I appreciate your comments about Glenn and his relationship to his own church leaders. Please continue to keep us posted. I think it is commendable that he is reaching across all Christianity with his message. I also feel strongly that if he loses his tether to His own church and leaders, he will subject himself to deception. Please let us know if he shows signs of losing his priesthood or his dedication to “following the Prophet”. I hope he does not begin to see himself as a Prophet.
    His faith is obviously his core. I hope his dedication to his Mormonism will always hold a strong place in that core.

    • I’ve been watching closely. Don’t worry. His roots are deep and he’s strongly committed to the covenant he has made with God and his church. I’m pretty sure he’s still on the right track. It’s just hard when you have such a big mission like he obviously has.

  3. I was saddened to hear of Glenn Beck’s difficulties. I experienced many years of sorrow from the actions of a Bishop, his associates and nearly an entire ward, I understand some of what I’ve heard are his issues. I was not a strong outspoken individual like Glenn Beck. I was born into the church and at the age of twelve had an experience that planted the seed of faith, belief, knowledge and conviction that God lives and loves me. He loves all of us. He even loves a President hell bent on bring down this country! God prepared this free country to bring forth the Book of Mormon, to restore Christ’s church and to prepare for the second coming of his son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is led by Jesus Christ. The church is just a vehicle of sorts. It is a hospital, a university, a sanctuary, a playground, a food bank, a relief center. It is so many things, it is all the ways available and useful in relieving the suffering of those in need, all of us! God’s #1 objective is to bring to pass the Immortality and Eternal Life of Man. We are all just human. Bishops are human. Worse, they are men. And men who get a little power or control most often let it go to their heads. They make choices that can literally cost others their church membership. Many leave the church because of a leader or because they were offended by another member who was clearly an idiot but nonetheless created a situation where the offended person was unable to see past the offense. The Saviour does not make mistakes, he does not offend. He heals and serves, he comforts and loves. He loved all of us so much that he gave his life for us. God, the Father, loves all of us! He loves Jesus Christ. Jesus loved his Father enough to make a sacrifice none of us can fathom. Our Heavenly Father loved Christ and asked for his sacrifice, for us.

    Could you for a moment imagine their frustration having to accomplish the goals they have, with only mortal men and women to work with? He must really have faith. I for one would not want the responsibility of a Bishop. There are guidelines for their duties, but they are working on their own salvation, trying to pray often, read scriptures, raise families, work full time jobs and do all the critical tasks necessary to run a single ward. They have a boss of sorts, the Stake President who is charged with ensuring the wards are being led in the ways outlined by the Prophet. But it’s not mistake-proof? Stake Presidents have their boss do sorts. Humans are part of every step. Bishops or members that create difficulties or contention ought not be a reason anyone quits going to church or leaves the church. When I hear negative comments about Joseph Smith or any other prophet of this dispensation I wonder if those with criticism would have been the ones heckling Moses or even, Christ. The simple truth is we are all dealing with personal Pride. It is an enemy to our personal humility. Pride is at the center of every dispute, every sin, every offending word. Pride will keep us out of God’s kingdom and no one controls our pride, but ourselves. I have never lost my testimony despite being wrongfully excommunicated, I love the Saviour, and God the Father.

  4. Glenn, if you are having crisis of faith, ask yourself one question, if you leave your “church” will they say you have lost your salvation? If so, then you need ot get in those scriptures more, by that , I mean the Bible only. The Bible says we can not lose out faith, God says NO man can remove us from His hand. If you truly can not leave your church without losing your salvation, then trust God, He will lead you in the right direction for real trust in Him. Not in Man. God Bless Glenn and I hope you heal quickly. I am praying for you.

  5. Hope to you Glen! The words from the New Testament fill me with comfort. Trust in the words of Jesus and go to him directly. You’ll be ok. You don’t need another third party to stand in between Jesus and yourself.

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