We Are Not The Cool Kids. We Are Approaching Justice.

Approaching Justice is a scrappy blog. I think I can say that.

Our regular contributors include a college professor, a middle school teacher, a junior high teacher, a pastor, and a marketing guru. That is not everyone.

We are liberals, leftists, moderates, and conservatives. Some of us defy labels.

Some of us support same-sex marriage. One of our own is married…in a same-sex marriage.

Some of the contributors at Approaching Justice support female ordination. Some do not. Some are part of the Ordain Women movement and others are not. Some of those who are part of the OW movement have come under intense heat for doing so.

We are mostly Mormons. However, we are particularly proud to have a United Church of Christ pastor as one of our most regular and powerful contributors.

We are a unique voice.

Last week, we wrote about the State of the Union Address, the movie American Sniper, Mitt Romney and poverty, and the progressive Christian faith of Martin Luther King.

Our most visited post last week was a post from the archives about female ordination, same-sex marriage, and John Dehlin.

Approaching Justice readers also stepped up last week to boost our level of subscriber/donor support. We went from 6 to 11 subscribers. For us, that is huge! Thank you very very much.

A range of hosting costs are due this week and we also want to lay a foundation for long-term sustainability. Please, consider supporting Approaching Justice as a subscriber.

You can subscribe to Approaching Justice for $2 a month. You can also make a one-time contribution to Approaching Justice in an amount of your choosing.

Thank you for your consideration. The goal for this drive is to bring that level to 100. That can be through recurring subscriptions or through one-time donations of $24.

Help keep the unique voice of Approaching Justice strong and loud.


Chris H.


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